‘NCIS’: Why Tony DiNozzo Would Make a Great Private Investigator

by Joe Rutland

What would fans think about Tony DiNozzo becoming a private investigator on “NCIS” in the future? Some of them are talking about it.

A Reddit conversation focused on DiNozzo, who was played by Michael Weatherly on the CBS crime show. Redditor krncrds wrote, “Besides his obvious investigation abilities and operational expertise, he has a borderline con artist charm (sorry Senior, entrepreneur charisma), great undercover skills and, most of all, an undying need to snoop on people.”

The writer added that if things went bad, “he’s a trained agent with a strong moral compass.”

The Redditor didn’t know what DiNozzo is doing after “NCIS” because “I just began S14.” The writer decided DiNozzo became a PI “and is happy doing it.”

‘NCIS’ Fan Said They ‘Make Him Out To Be A Buffoon’ On Show

Redditor jel_13 popped in and wrote, “I’ll take that. Living happily ever after. I’m on season 9 of rewatching the entire season.” The writer said they get angry “because there are times they make him out to be a buffoon when in reality he’s smart and great at his job!”

Well, youngclarky said about the “NCIS” actor, “Yh [Yeah] but u can mess around and goof around and still be great at what u do.”

After that comment, krncrds followed up and wrote, “Yes, especially on his last season, there wasn’t much of a storyline for him and it was painful to watch. He was usually irrelevant or being the bottom of the joke, with very few opportunities to show his skills.”

Writer Said They Could See DiNozzo ‘Living Noir Film Fantasy In Europe’

The writer also pointed out that on “NCIS” he was not advancing in his career. “… with McGee getting more experienced and confident, and Bishop being a very smart probie, his character was mostly out of place.”

The Redditor added that they could imagine DiNozzo “living a noir film fantasy in Europe as a PI, old school glamour, but still putting his knowledge to work.”

Leave it to the fans of “NCIS” to put some interesting spin on what their favorite character might be doing. For fans of Weatherly, he’s playing in the CBS drama “Bull” these days so you can catch the former Tony DiNozzo over there.

Weatherly played DiNozzo for 13 seasons, but left and went on to start playing in “Bull.” He also played Logan Cale in the TV drama “Dark Angel.” But he actually started his acting career as Theo Huxtable’s roommate on the NBC comedy “The Cosby Show.”

He’s also been a director, too, in his career as Weatherly was behind the camera for “NCIS” as well as “Bull” episodes. Weatherly directed two “NCIS” episodes back in 2011 and 2013, respectively.