‘NCIS’: Why Wilmer Valderrama Likes to Call Himself the ‘Latin Bruce Wayne’

by Leanne Stahulak

We’ve been saved, “NCIS” fans! And by none other than Special Agent Nick Torres actor Wilmer Valderrama, aka “The Latin Bruce Wayne.”

Just where did the “That 70s Show” actor gain his secret alias? According to Access Online, a lot of things about Valderrama “fit” with the Dark Knight’s character.

“I love the color black, I like my cars, my things,” the “NCIS” star told the outlet in 2014. “I have my own company and studio, so it’s like an ongoing joke that I’m the Latin Bruce Wayne. The fans are being very silly about it now.”

Said fans started a Twitter trend the month before this article was published. They tagged Valderrama in several posts and called him “The Latin Bruce Wayne.”

It sounds like the “NCIS” actor is definitely a Bruce Wayne fan. Back when he dated pop star Demi Lovato in 2015, they had a dog together named Batman. The couple eventually called it quits in 2016, though Lovato kept the adorable Yorkipoo for themselves.

Valderrama joined the “NCIS” team for Season 14 as Special Agent Nicholas Torres, working closely with Mark Harmon’s Jethro Gibbs. He’s expected to return for the upcoming Season 19, which will premiere on Monday, Sept. 20 at 9/8 CT.

‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama’s New Podcast Focuses On Essential Workers

Maybe Valderrama is more Bruce Wayne-like than we thought. He also likes to help his local community, specifically essential workers. The “NCIS” star recently started a podcast called “Essential Voices,” which is produced by his company WV Entertainment and distributed by iHeart.

The purpose of the podcast is to highlight workers in the healthcare, food, and transportation industries. During the pandemic, these workers stepped up to continue fulfilling society’s needs even as most services shut down. They also helped save lives, including Valderrama’s father.

According to Variety, the “NCIS” star’s dad suffered from two heart attacks and a battle with COVID-19 in the last year. Valderrama is forever grateful to the essential workers who helped him.

“They showed up and helped my dad be with us for many more years,” Valderrama said. “I’m so thankful, and I want to make sure their voices are heard. That’s my small contribution back for what they’ve done for my family.”

On July 20, Valderrama shared a sneak peek of what the podcast will entail in an Instagram post.

“These are the people that make us better,” Valderrama said. “The people that were there for us and answer our calls that they were never trained to answer.

“You are invited to a conversation that you’ve never been exposed to before,” he said, “and I hope that these conversations of leadership also empowers the community to allow us to get in the game, roll up our sleeves and see how we can show up for the people that showed up for us.”