‘NCIS’: Wild Fan Theory Suggests Major Character Was Behind Gibbs’ Finale Escape

by Matthew Wilson

As in usual fashion, “NCIS” has left its fans with more questions than answers. And many are wondering about the fate of series lead Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

In the final moments of the Season 18 finale, Gibbs’ boat blows up in a dramatic fashion. Some wondered if this was the end to Mark Harmon’s character. But thankfully, the final shot showed a very much alive Gibbs swimming away from the wreckage.

Now some fans are wondering if Gibbs planned the explosion himself. Maybe the “NCIS” is going undercover and faked his death, as a result, to go off the grid. Well, according to the Express, one Reddit user believes a fan favorite might have helped Gibbs in his escape.

They believed Ducky Mallard himself partnered with Gibbs to fake his death. Ducky was one of the major characters of “NCIS” for 16 seasons. But he has only returned in a more recurring capacity since then. Maybe, Season 19 will bring Ducky back in a big way. One fan seems to think so.

“I just got to thinking about the tunnel and Ducky being the original owner. I think I know what that place could’ve originally been,” the Redditor posted.

‘NCIS’ Character Owned Gibbs’ House Originally

The Reddit user refers to a special prequel episode that aired before the finale. During that episode, it showed the first interaction between Gibbs and Ducky. Viewers learned that Gibbs current living quarters once belonged to Ducky.

Some viewers believe the prequel was a clue on how Gibbs pulled off his escape. For instance, some viewers believe the basement has a secret entrance, which might explain how Gibbs gets his boats out onto the sea. Something that has stumped fans as well.

So why would Gibbs fake his death? For one, Gibbs and Ducky might have come up with the idea to escape from the supervision of Director Vance. After all, you can’t watch over a dead man. Likewise, Gibbs may have joined Ellie Bishop on her undercover mission as well.

“Call me crazy but I think Gibb’s place quite possibly was at one time a moonshining bunker,” the fan wrote. “I can’t exactly prove it but judging from his escape tunnel and him getting boats out there’s a damn good possibility.”

It remains to be seen what kind of role Mark Harmon and Gibbs will have next season. If Gibbs pulled a vanishing act, “NCIS” might be without its leader for some time. But viewers will only know for sure when Season 19 hits.