‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Has Been Training in MMA for Over a Decade

by Quentin Blount

Have you ever wondered how Wilmer Valderrama is such a great special agent on NCIS? Well, it turns out he actually has a background training in mixed martial arts.

Nowadays, he is part of the NCIS main cast, starring as special agent Nick Torres. But Wilmer Valderrama is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Fez on That ’70s Show for eight seasons from 1998 until 2006.

If it wasn’t obvious by now, Wilmer Valderrama is a man of exceptional ability. Not only is he an actor, producer, singer, and television personality, it also turns out he is a trained mixed martial artist. He revealed as much in a sit-down interview with Men’s Health back in 2019. Valderrama explained his MMA training in response to a fan question.

“I know that you’re a huge MMA fan, I see you all the time in front of the Octagon when I watch the PPVs,” one fan asked him. “And I always wondered if you had any formal training in any discipline. If so, which one(s)? I’m a big fan by the way.”

“Well, thank you very much for the words,” Valderrama begins. “Yes, I have been training mixed martial arts for going into maybe about 11 years now.”

‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Says MMA ‘Changed His Life’

It’s hard to imagine that Wilmer Valderrama could have wanted anymore out of life than he already had. He rose to worldwide fame in his teens and early twenties thanks to his time on That ’70s Show. But with all of that fame came a lot of going out and partying. Valderrama says that training in mixed martial arts has made him a more disciplined person now.

“Mixed martial arts changed everything in my life,” he continued. “It made me more disciplined. It forced myself to really get the rest that I wasn’t getting. I feel like thanks to mixed martial arts I reversed some of those years and I took some of those years back that I lost in my early 20s.”

There are without a doubt tons of people out there who can relate to the NCIS star.

“You all know what I’m talking about,” Valderrama laughed as photos of him partying popped up on the screen.

Not only did mixed martial arts training help Valderrama become more disciplined in his day-to-day life, but it also had another benefit. It has led him to be able to meet some of his biggest MMA heroes.

“It changed everything in my life. In having the confidence to be able to move like that and flow like that. It also led me to meet some of my MMA heroes and become good friends with all my friends over there at UFC.”