‘NCIS’: Will Palmer Finally Get Some Much Needed Closure?

by Lauren Boisvert

“NCIS” doesn’t return until February 28, but the new episode looks like a doozy. Kasie and Palmer are exposed to a deadly biotoxin when investigating the death of an intruder at Quantico. From the look of the promo photos, Palmer and Kasie are in pretty bad shape. Enter Carol Wilson, CDC researcher extraordinaire, to help save the day.

After waiting forever, we’re finally getting Brian Dietzen’s episode, titled “The Helpers.” He co-wrote this episode with Scott Williams, frequent “NCIS” writer. We’re been waiting patiently for this episode, since Dietzen first announced on Instagram that he was co-writing. Now, we at least have a title and a synopsis, but they still don’t tell us too much.

What we do know, is that Elle Harper is returning as Palmer’s daughter Victoria, as well as Michelle Pierce as Bree Palmer, Jimmy’s dead wife. Could his wife’s appearance lead to closure for Palmer?

Bree died off-screen in season 18, and for her to be included in this episode probably means flashback or hallucination. My guess is that Palmer gets to the point where he starts hallucinating. He looks pretty bad in the promo photos; pale skin, bloody nose, covered in sweat. It’s possible he’ll start imaging his dead wife is with him, and he may try to talk to her.

This could lead to some closure for Palmer. He’s been doing pretty okay emotionally, it seems. But this episode might give us some insight into how he’s really doing. He may actually be struggling without his wife, but putting on a brave face for his daughter. Hopefully, things can get better for Palmer after this episode.

One ‘NCIS’ Storyline Had Fans Disappointed

In “NCIS” season one, there was an episode titled “The Immortals” that had fans reeling. The episode centered around an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), and it was clear the writers had never played a video game before.

The language the characters used was stilted and uncomfortable. Fans on Reddit discussed the episode, with one claiming they’d “never seen anyone f–k up MMORPGS” that badly. Another fan on Twitter said the MMORPGs were talked about in a “‘tv show written by people that don’t play them’ way.” Additionally, some fans mentioned that the actual content of the game would be impossible to render in real life.

Harsh criticism, but probably well deserved. It sounds like the writers didn’t bother to do enough research on MMORPGs before writing the episode. Just my speculation, of course, but things like that happen a lot in shows like “NCIS,” it seems. If you want your episode to be believable, you have to put in the research, or at least talk to someone who knows what you’re writing about.