‘NCIS’: Will the Series Ever Address These Abandoned Storylines?

by Matthew Wilson

Any long-running TV show is bound to have a bit of baggage. And at 18 seasons and counting, “NCIS” has lasted a lot longer than some. With 414 episodes under its belt, the show has featured some storylines and moments that don’t always pan out.

But “NCIS” fans are a passionate group. And a few of them feel a bit fed up that the show sometimes abandons certain storylines. It’s a sin that many TV shows commit as they get older. Main cast members leave for parts unknown, and sometimes their replacements aren’t as entertaining. But some fans are wondering if “NCIS” will ever circle back around to these storylines.

“I’ve seen every episode since it started and I got bored so I binge-watched them all recently…I love this show and all the original characters most of all Gibbs…I was very unhappy when Tony and Ziva and Abby left…if Gibbs left I’d be done for sure…and I get that people move onto other things but sometimes things just don’t make sense,” one Reddit user wrote.

One character fans would like to see more of is Jamie Lee Curtis’ Samantha Ryan. She played a big part in Season 9 of “NCIS” and struck up a relationship with Leroy Gibbs. At the moment, Gibbs could use some company wherever he is. The NCIS leader was last seen amid the wreckage of his exploding boat.

‘NCIS’ And Its Abandoned Storylines

For that matter, throw Maria Bello’s Jacqueline Stone’s name in the hat as well. “NCIS” teased a relationship between the two for several seasons. But ultimately, Stone left the show and the couple shared only a kiss to remember them by. Later, “NCIS” pulled the same trick at the end of the season with Nick Torres and Elle Bishop as well.

For fans shipping various characters, it can be a frustrating experience to watch.

“Like I know they have Ziva and Tony set up and then she left,” another “NCIS” viewer wrote. “Then when they thought she died Tony went berserk. Eventually, they [wound] up together after WAY too long. Then with the most recent episodes with Ellie and Nick, Jack and Jethro… just bull crap. Like oh ‘we know you wanted these characters to be together but here, we will make them kiss and say goodbye. Is that good enough?'”

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David definitely fit that bill. The two characters were the focus of viewers’ attention for several seasons. But ultimately they ended up together off-screen in what amounted to lip service to their relationship.

Another crucial storyline that viewers feel the show recently abandoned was Gibbs’ dog. Why can’t “NCIS” have a crime-fighting dog? Fans are waiting for the answer, producers.