‘NCIS’: Will Torres Find New Love After Emily Wickersham’s Departure as Ellie Bishop?

by Megan Molseed

Ever since NCIS agents Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop first began working together with the NCIS agency, fans of the hit CBS drama have been waiting for a long-teased romance to come to full bloom.

The wait finally paid off when the two NCIS detectives shared a kiss at the end of season eighteen…only to part ways when Ellie Bishop left the team before the start of NCIS’s nineteenth season.

So, what does this mean for agent Nick Torres?

Will the NCIS officer find new love as the new season progresses? Or will Ellie Bishop return, eventually, and the two agents can pick up where they left off?

Or, will Torres find this love in the same place he found his love with Ellie…right inside the NCIS offices?

Some fans think this is exactly what will happen.

Will ‘NCIS’ Agent Torres Find Love In The Same Place?

In fact, many believe that the answer to Torres’s next love interest sits right where Ellie Bishop once sat…as one of the newest NCIS team members, Jessica Knight, begins her role on the team.

When news broke that Jessica Knight, who is portrayed by actress Katrina Law, would be joining the NCIS team this fall, fans were excited.

The tough, hardheaded, and headstrong brunette seems to be the perfect addition to the NCIS team. She was first introduced as a guest player last season, but later joined the team full-time as NCIS’s eighteenth season came to a close.

While we know Knight’s addition to the team is an important one, the importance of her character when it comes to a possible love story was still largely unknown. And some have suggested there might be a romance in the future for Torres and Knight.

After all, agent Jessica Knight’s time on the series started before Ellie Bishop left the team to begin an undercover mission.

Of course, when she left, Bishop and Torres had a very intense moment, and kiss…giving many NCIS fans who had been shipping the duo for quite some time exactly what they were waiting for. Could this mean that Torres is waiting for Bishop’s return? Or can we expect a romantic connection between Torres and Knight going forward?

While showrunners haven’t completely excluded the return of Bishop in future episodes, we do know that if she returns it will likely not be within this season.

After all, the actress is preparing for an exciting premiere of her own – the birth of her first child.

Are Showrunners Hinting A Connection?

We do know there have been quite a few moments already in NCIS’s nineteenth season that seem to suggest this.

First, Knight now sits at the same desk at which Bishop sat for much of her run on the hit CBS series.

Perhaps this is a hint for fans that NCIS agent Jessica Knight will be filling Ellie Bishop’s role when it comes to a romance with Torres?

Another little clue given to NCIS fans about a potential Nick Torres and Jessica Knight pairing includes a comment made by the new agent in a new episode.

In Season 19, Episode 2, Knight told Torres that she wouldn’t be Torres’s replacement for Ellie. Was this a general statement, or was there more behind it?

While the comment may signal a pending romance, it does tell us, however, that if it were to happen, it would be its own story. Not a copy of the romance that was growing between Torres and Bishop.