‘NCIS’: Will Ziva David’s Daughter Return in Season 19?

by Shelby Scott

While America’s favorite TV show, “NCIS,” has gained a lot of beloved characters in recent seasons, fans have reason to believe that some of their all-time favorite characters may be returning to the show. Personally, I cannot help but hold out hope.

According to an article by Express, “NCIS” former star Michael Weatherly (Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo) is reportedly making a comeback in season 19, premiering this September. However, following a Weatherly Twitter post, fans hope Agent Dinozzo’s love interest, Ziva David, will return to the show too. In addition to that, there is speculation that the pair’s daughter, Tali, may also return to the show.

The possibility is definitely exciting for “NCIS” fans. Dinozzo and David were definitely a power couple. To explore their characters’ new roles as parents would be an interesting change to the more traditional plot of “NCIS.”

According to the outlet, there was previously speculation that the little family would return to the show for season 18. However, due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, those chances were shot. The outlet also stated that, unfortunately, and again due to COVID, this year’s season saw cutbacks in terms of episodes.

Producer Frank Cardea said, “We’re doing a third fewer episodes than we normally would in a non-COVID year.”

Cote De Pablo Previously Shared Her Reasoning for Her Abrupt Exit From “NCIS”

While we hope for another Cote De Pablo return, the actress shared in a 2016 Q&A why she suddenly decided to leave “NCIS.”

“I perceived [Ziva] was not being treated with the respect she deserved,” she said at the time. Then, “Unless someone can really write something fantastic for her, I won’t go back.”

Well, correlating with fandom speculation and Weatherly’s mysterious post, it seems “NCIS” producers might just have created something really fantastic for Ziva David.

Nevertheless, another longtime actor on the show, David McCallum (Donald “Ducky” Mallard) once expressed his incredible frustration at De Pablo’s abandonment of the “NCIS” cast and crew. Many fans may have felt the same way. Whether McCallum didn’t know De Pablo’s reasons at the time for leaving or something else, “it was frustration and anger that someone should just walk out on us,” he shared.

Either way, whether old characters return to the show or not, we look forward to the series’ newest season premiere. The show’s latest departure was Emily Wickersham who previously played Agent Ellie Bishop. Slowly, longtime crew members are starting to become minimal. With the absence of so many original characters, Outsider truthfully hopes “NCIS” season 19 has something really good in store. Catch the season premiere on September 20th on CBS.