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‘NCIS’ Actor Wilmer Valderrama Asks Fans a Question with Bold New Photo

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

“NCIS” star, Wilmer Valderarrama’s Instagram post was full of intense positivity Thursday afternoon.  

Along with a photo of the star wearing a hoody, some cool gloves, and holding a skull-and-cross-bones mug, the actor went deep into the feelings in the June 24 Insta post. 

“If we’re breathing, the cup is half full..always,” the Instagram post said. “How are you going to fill the other half?” 

Valderrama’s “NCIS” Agent Had a Hard Time Adjusting

Wilmer Valderrama plays agent Nick Torres on the popular CBS primetime drama. He came to the team in 2016. Valderrama’s role replaced that of Michael Weatherley’s Tony Dinozzo when he left “NCIS” the previous season. 

Valderrama’s “NCIS” character is a former undercover agent. He joins the special task force after his cover is blown in an undercover assignment he was working on for years. 

While Valderrama’s Nick Torres easily finds a spot on the “NCIS” team, he has a hard time adjusting to daily life as an agent. Especially after so many years working undercover. 

Due to his extensive undercover work, Torres’s training makes him an expert in combat. Torres is often quick to use these skills, even when a less intense approach may be the better choice. 

Will New Characters Be Joining Torres and His Team?

As the start of the hit show’s season 19 is fast approaching, fans are wondering what the new episodes are going to bring. 

So far, it has been announced that Mark Harmon, who plays the “NCIS” team’s wise and oftentimes fatherly leader, Leroy Jethro GIbbs, will likely not return to the series full-time. 

Additionally, a recent Deadline article announced that actor Gary Cole has been added to the show. At this point, there isn’t much being shared about Cole’s character. So far it is known that Cole will be portraying an FBI Special Agent named Alden Park. 

Special Agent Timothy McGee was at the helm as the eighteenth season finale of the hit series ended. He took on this role after Gibbs’s suspension. This is a role in which the agent appears to be comfortable, but not one where he will likely remain.

In a recent TV Insider article, it was noted that even if McGee were to continue to fill in for Gibbs, making it unnecessary to replace that role, there will still need to be new cast members to round out the thinning team.

“He and Nick Torres (Valderrama) can’t be a team of two for long,” TV Insider reported. The outlet went on to note that a gap was left after the exits of two “NCIS” series regulars. A gap that is bigger than just the one left by Gibbs. “Maria Bello (who played forensic psychiatrist ) and Emily Wickersham (who played Ellie Bishop) both left, opening up spots both on “NCIS” and within the team moving forward,” said TV Insider. “With the loss of Bishop, someone has to come in to replace her.”