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‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Chats with Jay Leno About Buying Vista Cruiser from ‘That 70s Show’

by Shelby Scott
Photo: CBS ©2020 All Rights Reserved.

Contemporary fans of Wilmer Valderrama know the actor for his starring role on CBS’s hit procedural, “NCIS.” However, longtime fans of the actor’s remember Valderrama from way before he was an “NCIS” agent.

Outsiders will probably recall that Valderrama got his start in media with his memorable role as Fez on the hit, “That ’70s Show.” Now 41 years old, the “NCIS” actor recently met with “Jay Leno’s Garage” host Jay Leno (71) to talk about his time on the hit 90s show. However, more importantly, he took the time to tell a little of the story leading up to his leave from “That ’70s Show” as well as the iconic prop he brought home with him from the set (and still has!)

Wilmer Valderrama Keeps Media Icon In His Driveway

People detailed Leno’s visit with the “NCIS” actor, stating the show host commented on the striking resemblance between the 1969 Vista Cruiser Valderrama had sitting in his driveway and the one from “That ’70s Show.”

That’s because, “It is!” the actor shared. The Vista Cruiser that occupies the “NCIS” star’s Los Angeles driveway is the very same vehicle that featured in every intro segment of “That ’70s Show.” Of the vehicle, the actor said, “This is the car where we did the opening sequence on the show where we’re all driving and the theme song is playing.”

But how did the “NCIS” star snag such a memorable prop? According to the news outlet, the show was gearing up to conclude after eight seasons and Valderrama thought to himself, “‘I got to take something home.’ I went straight to the Vista Cruiser.”

‘That ’70s Show’s’ Vista Cruiser is No Classic Beauty

While the iconic Vista Cruiser featured prominently throughout the eight years which “That ’70s Show” aired, there’s nothing to state the vehicle was a classic beauty.

In speaking with Leno, Wilmer Valderrama revealed not only how he managed to snag the memorable prop, but what about it makes it so memorable in the first place.

In approaching the props department about the vehicle, Valderrama shared he offered the behind-the-scenes crew $500, highlighting that it doesn’t run and that, at the time, he had no idea when he’d secure his next acting gig.

People shared that Valderrama believes maintaining the prop vehicle’s original essence is important.

“All those little dings. You know, the nose dent. There’s still glue from the tape from the microphones. There’s still velcros when they had the lights hanging,” Valderrama shared. Overall, we can clearly see nothing has changed since the Vista Cruiser was retired.

As to the actor’s reasoning for keeping it that way, he said, “every time I get in the car, I get a little emotional about it because I was about to turn 18 when I booked ‘That ’70s Show.'” He explained that in coming from an immigrant family, securing his role on the hit show highlighted the meaning behind the “American Dream.”

“That’s when I knew everything was possible,” the “NCIS” star concluded.