‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Expects Season 18 Finale to Answer Many Questions Regarding Mark Harmon’s Future

by Anna Dunn

The season finale of NCIS airs tonight, and it should answer a lot of questions. Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Special Agent Nick Torres, said the episode will help fans get more of an understanding about Mark Harmon‘s future.

Harmon plays the lead role as Special Agent Gibbs and has been on the show for all 18 seasons. His future on NCIS, however, has recently been in question. Rumors have circulated that he wants off the show, but CBS told him it would continue without him.

Luckily for anxious fans, tonight’s finale might provide clarification for the future of Special Agent Gibbs. When asked about Harmon’s future on the show, Valderrama had a lot to say.

“I can only speak for Torres. I don’t play Gibbs, and it’s not my journey to comment on. But I will say that this episode is just bada–, man. It’s a really emotional, controversial type of episode,” He said. He didn’t give much away but did imply fans can expect to be impressed and have some questions answered.

“There’s some action,” he continued. “There are things going on that the fans have been dying to see, and there are some answers they’ve been seeking. People are going to get answers to many of the questions.” Hopefully, one of the questions that’ll be answered look towards Harmon’s future.

Execs also Question Harmon’s Future

Fans aren’t the only people who seem worried about Mark Harmon’s future on NCIS. Even the president of CBS Entertainment said in an interview that “We take it year by year with Mark. We’d love to have him as long as he’d like to be here. Even in this past season, he might have been light in a couple of [episodes], so we’re happy to work around his schedule.”

There’s a good reason CBS is so willing to keep working with Mark. NCIS is the highest-rated scripted drama on network television. Upsetting the formula as dramatically as writing off the lead could cause it to fall in the ratings.

Valderrama Really Excited for Upcoming ‘NCIS’ Finale

Regardless of what Mark Harmon’s future may hold, Valderrama promised a “real finale” that’ll thrill the audience.

“I think the writers did a brilliant job at putting together something the pandemic took away from us last year, a real season ender,” he said.

“I think we’re going to combine a lot of the seeds we planted through Season 17 and 18 and give the fans a real finale. Like, a real, explosive finale that a show whose loyal audience shows up live for deserves to see.”

Lots of shows, NCIS included, are trying to go big for their finales this year. Last year was highly complicated by COVID-19 and the sub-sequential filming restrictions.

Regardless of Mark Harmon’s future on the show, NCIS has been renewed for season 19, but with one big guaranteed change. Instead of its normal Tuesday spot, the show will be moved to Monday nights instead. For now, fans can anticipate a big night on TV.