‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Explains How the Series is ‘Kept Fresh’ Each Season

by Clayton Edwards

There’s no denying that people love NCIS. The show has been on the air for nineteen years. Over the course of nearly two decades, the show has produced eighteen seasons. At the same time, it keeps people from around the world coming back week after week. To do that, they have to keep things fresh. After all, it would be easy to fall into a routine behind the scenes and hammer out variations of the same storyline time and again.

There are a couple of things that go into keeping things interesting on NCIS. For starters, the cast is ever-changing. However, that’s to be expected. Few shows run for that long without some turnover in the cast. Even though the faces on the show change from time to time, the chemistry remains the same. By all accounts, the cast is like one big family when the cameras stop rolling.

Wilmer Valderrama plays Agent Torres on NCIS. He joined the show in 2016 during the show’s 14th season. So, he has been part of that big family unit long enough to know what makes it work. He sat down with Entertainment Tonight Canada in January of this year to talk about the show. During that interview, he pointed out the other thing that keeps the show fresh.

NCIS Star Wilmer Valderrama on How the Show Stays Fresh

Wilmer Valderrama told ET Canada’s Sangita Patel all about how he thinks the show keeps fans coming back year after year. “I always think it’s so fascinating how the writers are able to keep [NCIS] so fresh,” he began. Then he went on to discuss how the writers and actors team up to keep things moving in a logical direction.

About this, the NCIS star said, “They’ve also made a real partnership with us on the show. So, a lot of them really consult with the actors.” Valderrama said that writers will come to actors and ask about their characters. For example, they will come to him and ask where he thinks Agent Torres is going in a particular plotline. Then, they will take his input into consideration as they move forward. At the same time, they will get the actors’ help on more specific things. For instance, they will come to an actor and ask how they think their character feels about a certain subject. This allows them to create the character-driven drama that fans love to see.

However, it doesn’t stop with the fans. The NCIS star said that everyone on the show has done a considerable amount of work to develop their character. So, having input into what they will do and say on the show keeps them engaged. At the same time, it makes it fun for them to show up to work every day.

All of those things translate into believable characters and plotlines that feel fresh and keep NCIS audiences coming back for more.