‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Said Season 18 Finale Will Be ‘Really Unpredictable’

by Brandi Stillings

The much anticipated NCIS Season 18 finale is here! Eager fans cannot wait to see what’s in store on CBS. We’ve got exciting details on what to expect in this thrilling new episode.

Featuring a plot filled with action and drama, Special Agent Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama) finds himself reacquainted with his long-lost father Steven Bauer (guest-star Ray Donovan), who shows up unexpectedly.

According to an interview from TVLINE.com, Wilmer explains how much we should know about Nick’s dad.

“We didn’t really know much, because Torres doesn’t really offer much up about his personal life. [Laughs] He doesn’t open the door on what journey he lived before he got to NCIS… His identity is a little mysterious, right? And that has been on purpose, by design.”

He also talks his character in detail, and that viewers will get to see a different side of Nick Torres. The episode plans to explore Nick in-depth, and to give fans what they’ve been wanting.

“But in this episode, we’re going to unravel way more than Torres is going to be comfortable with!” Wilmer added during the interview, “You’re going to learn more about where he came from, what type of life he led when he was a kid, how he became man the is today. What’s exciting about this episode is it pulls back layers and layers of subtext that for years now the fans have been asking about.”

When asked about the season finale (airing Tuesday, May 25), Wilmar describes it as an episode you want to watch live. He warned, If you record and watch it later the show will be ruined by major spoiler alerts.

Trying not to reveal too much, he mentioned how the writers did an amazing job including pieces of season 17 and 18 in the finale to really satisfy NCIS fans. Wilmar shares his excitement about the upcoming show, in the TVLINE.com article.

“I mean, we’re going to give people a lot to talk about. I’m not one to do the ‘You have to wait and see!’ hype, but man, this episode is really unpredictable. I promise you that you’re not going to see any of this coming.”

Mark Harmon Confirmed to Return for ‘NCIS’ Season 19

NCIS fans rejoice for the upcoming season 19! Not to mention, series star Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is back in action, which ends rumors of him leaving the show for good. However, don’t expect to see him on Tuesdays anymore. CBS confirmed the series renewal for Monday evenings.

Per TomsGuide.com, here’s a current prediction on when the show plans to air as of right now:

“No word on this yet, but we’d be pleasantly surprised if NCIS season 19 was a part of the 2021-22 CBS lineup. Production has yet to begin, so that kind of turnaround would be pretty efficient for the team.”