‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Posts Teaser Pic of Work at Walt Disney Animation Studios

by Emily Morgan

“NCIS” actor Wilmer Valderrama has an exciting new role in an upcoming film— but you won’t see him in it. 

Valderrama, known for his time on “The 70s Show” and “NCIS,” will be a voice actor in Disney’s new animated movie, Encanto. The film will debut on November 24th. As Disney’s 60th animated feature, the Colombia-set film will follow family members with magical powers such as super-strength, shape-shifting, and controlling animals and plants. 

However, the character, Mirabel, voiced by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “In the Heights” star Stephanie Beatriz, is the only person not to possess extraordinary powers. When she discovers that her family’s magic might be in danger, she realizes that she is the only one who can save them.

Byron Howard and Jared Bush direct the film. It was also co-directed and co-written by Charise Castro Smith and features music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old Wilmer Valderrama took to Instagram to tease his fans about his voice role in the new movie— simply writing “#Encanto” as the caption in his post. In the accompanying pic, his followers see him in a Disney Studios booth, wearing headphones and recording his lines. 

The film’s cast also includes María Cecilia Botero, Adassa, Diane Guerrero, Mauro Castillo, Angie Cepeda, and Jessica Darrow.

‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama on Introducing Daughter to the Show That Started It All for Him

Recently, Valderrama opened up about when he plans on introducing his daughter to the show that kickstarted his career.

As it turns out, his daughter Nakano Oceana Valderrama won’t be seeing her dad in “That 70s Show” anytime soon. In an exclusive interview with E! News, the veteran actor revealed when he plans to introduce his 5-month-old child to the characters from Point Place, Wisconsin. 

“I think I’m going to introduce her to Handy Manny first,” Valderrama, who welcomed his first child in February, said.

“I did Handy Manny on the Disney Channel for a long time, and it was an amazing show. So, I think that will be the first thing I introduce her to will be Handy Manny.”

Valderrama voice-acted Manny on the children’s show from 2006 to 2013. He booked the gig after portraying the loveable character of Fez on “That ’70s Show” from 1998 to 2006. 

Over the years, he’s gone on to book parts in many different roles, including “NCIS” and “Blast Beat.”

“I’ve always been very responsible with the characters I’ve portrayed,” Valderrama shared. “I mean, beyond my family, I also feel indebted and very responsible for how my community, the Latino community and the immigrant community, is portrayed on screen. So, I’ve said no to a lot of the things that perhaps doesn’t further our reframing of who we are.”