Neil Young Opens Up on Making New Album with Wife Daryl Hannah During Lockdown

by Matthew Memrick

When creative moments struck musician Neil Young during the lockdown, he went out to his barn and played music with wife Daryl Hannah.

Daryl Hannah? That’s right, and I had no idea either. But the 76-year-old singer and the 61-year-old actress-turned-filmmaker got married in 2018. They divide their time between his Malibu, Calif. home and her Colorado ranch near Telluride. 

Anyway, Young told Rolling Stone magazine that the couple enjoyed “just a little bit of downtime” before creativity struck. The musician made an album in a barn, and the upcoming album is called “Barn.” Hannah directed the making of a documentary on the album. Oh, it’s got the same name too.

Neil Young, Hannah In The Barn

According to People magazine, Neil Young got his former band, Crazy Horse, to record in an old barn he helped restore over nine months.

Young was thankful for his wife’s help, saying the couple “put aside time for each other and do things together.” 

Over the past few years, the two have bonded over their environmental activism as well as their pet projects.

He called her a “natural” when it comes to filmmaking. (She directed, wrote, and produced “Paradox” featuring Young in 2018). 

Neil Young talked about Hannah’s desire to do films and her passion for it from a young age. He praised her for her talents and connections and added that “she gets moved by the music and gets really involved.”

Musicians like Young, Darius Rucker, and Sting have made the most of their lockdown time with songs and album releases. Young, who’s done more than 40 studio albums over his 53-year career, told the magazine that he won’t slow down.

He said he lives off of the way people react and embrace his songs, and that’s what “makes him want to keep going.”

He’s already talking about making another album after this “Barn” one. He may have to pick another place on the ranch to record it.

Young Won’t Tour, But More Music Coming Out

While he’s busy at home, there’s a lot of music for fans to choose. 

The Crazy Horse album and a massive Archives box are coming. Other releases include “Homegrown,” “Return to Greendale,” “Way Down in the Rust Bucket,” and “Young Shakespeare.” Another old live recording, Carnegie Hall 1970, will also come out next year.

His classic “Harvest” album may have unique plans or its 50th anniversary in other news.

But there are no plans to tour for Young. He last performed live in September 2019 and canceled a Farm Aid appearance this past April.

“I don’t want to put people in danger,” he told the magazine. “I don’t want people to see me out there and think I think everything is OK. I don’t think everything is OK.”