Neil Young Withdraws from Farm Aid Concert: ‘My Soul Tells Me It Would Be Wrong’

by Shelby Scott

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of people’s perspectives concerning socialization and large crowd events. One of those events is the annual Farm Aid Concert set to take place this September 25th in Hartford, Connecticut. However, because of the recent surge in coronavirus cases resulting from the latest Delta variant, rock artist Neil Young has withdrawn from this year’s benefit event.

According to Rolling Stone, Young is a board member for Farm Aid. He accompanies other music icons on the board such as Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Dave Matthews. Young’s announcement comes earlier today. His announcement follows a July Jam Base article that stated the star would be one of the main performers at the concert.

However, Young explained the reasoning behind his withdrawal. He stated he didn’t feel safe with the latest virus variant going around, causing surges in cases across the country. “I find myself wondering if Farm Aid will be safe for everyone with the Covid pandemic surging,” the artist said. “I don’t want to let anybody down, but still can’t shake the feeling that it might not be safe for everyone.”

And while Farm Aid attendants are sure to be disappointed to some degree, fans must factor in that Young is now 75 years old. Additionally, he’s previously suffered from some pretty intense illnesses, which, more than likely make him more susceptible to the virus.

Further, he said, “All of you people who can’t go to a concert because you still don’t feel safe, I stand with you.”

Country Music’s Garth Brooks Withdraws Alongside Neil Young’s Announcement

So, Neil Young’s withdrawal from this year’s Farm Aid event is definitely a downer. Nevertheless, concert-goers may continue to face further disappointment as other music legends pull back from events amid rising Covid cases.

Alongside Young stands country icon, Garth Brooks. The country star announced on his website that he’s chosen to cancel his remaining tour dates in four Eastern states. Those include Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Ticket holders will receive refunds automatically through Ticketmaster according to the site. However, canceled tour dates are once again on the rise as the coronavirus resurges across the United States. Brooks said that while canceling again and making fans have to wait makes him sad, his biggest concern is “making sure the environment these people are trading their time and money to put themselves into is not only the best experience ever, but also the safest one we can provide.”

Further, Brooks hasn’t stated when he plans to kick off tour dates again. Though his team seems to be pushing for this year, 2022 is looking more and more likely.

Neil Young and Garth Brooks, however, are only two of handfuls of music artists that have recently canceled future performances. Among those further postponing dates are Stevie Nicks, Michael Bublé, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Fallout Boy.