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Netflix CFO Says There Might Be Commercials in the Future: ‘Never Say Never’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

In the age of streaming platforms dominating the at-home entertainment world, some of us nearly forgot about commercials altogether. You mean those brief advertisements that we leave to go to the bathroom or get a drink during? Unless you watch live TV or have certain subscription plans, you’re not having to worry about having any breaks in your TV show. You can sit and watch 6 seasons of “Longmire” on Netflix, for example, without seeing a single commercial (or even sunlight). Now, Netflix is thinking about possibly changing this in the near future.

At a Glance

  • Netflix boss says “never say never” to adding a commerical option
  • An ad-supported version would join the three other subscription options
  • Netflix is one of the few streaming platforms without a commercial viewing option

Netflix Considers Adding Commercials

Commercials may be far from ideal for viewers, but it is something executives are allegedly warming up to. At one point, Netflix completely turned away the mere thought of a commercial-supported platform. Now, Disney+ has shared it will be rolling out an ad-supported version of the streaming platform in the near future.

The CFO of Netflix, Spencer Neumann, said straight away that this concept isn’t being ruled out. At the same time, you really don’t have to worry about sitting through commercials anytime soon.

“It’s not like we have religion against advertising, to be clear. But that’s not something that’s in our plans right now…We have a really nice scalable subscription model, and again, never say never, but it’s not in our plan,” Neumann said during a technology conference, according to Variety.

Netflix has several subscription options for viewers to choose from. You can get the basic package for $9.99, which only allows one person to watch at a time. The standard plan is $15.99, which allows two simultaneous streams and the $19.99 premium version allows four. It also has HD and 4K Ultra HD.

Hulu also has a version that comes with ads, which is similar to the new plan over at Disney+ in the future. If Netflix chose to do this, it would give people yet another streaming option. This also means you’d be able to keep watching without ads as well. In fact, Netflix is alone in that it is one of the few without this option.

Both Paramount+ and HBO Max both have these ad-supported plans as well. At the same time, Neumann shared he thinks these rivals are actually losing money. By providing a lower-priced ad-included option, companies could be losing money.

In fact, Netflix just increased the cost for people in the U.S. and Canada. There are 221.8 million Netflix subscribers in the world. The price increase was done to help during a slow quarter and to help match what the company believes the price should be for this service.

Meanwhile, the streaming platform has also decided to stop all services in Russia. It is an act of support amidst the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Netflix paused all original productions that were going on there as well.