Netflix to Crack Down on Password Sharing, Plans to Charge Extra

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Here’s some bad news — you may have to get your own Netflix account instead of password-sharing with your parents or your buddies.

The massive streaming platform is cracking down on people trying to share accounts, therefore giving the media giant less money in its pocket. Netflix announced on Wednesday that it will start to get some strict guidelines for those that share passwords.

At a Glance

  • Netflix is testing a new policy that will charge people more if they password share or have multiple profiles on an account
  • This is getting tested in Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica first
  • The massive streaming platform raised its standard package price to $15.99 in January

It’s a big switch from what the company has previously said about account sharing in the past. For starters, the company has different profiles that users of the same account can switch between to make sure their recommendations are still catered to them. Also, Netflix has several different streaming platform packages. The basic plan, for example, is only $9.99, but only lets one person watch at a time. The standard and premium packages go up in price and video quality, but also allow more people to watch simultaneously.

Now, according to NPR, Netflix isn’t banning password sharing but will make those who do it pay extra. It’s going to test this new policy in Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica first before possibly putting it into effect for the other 222 million subscribers.

For example, users in Costa Rica will pay $2.99 more if they want to add up to two profiles.

“We recognize that people have many entertainment choices, so we want to ensure any new features are flexible and useful for members, whose subscriptions fund all our great TV and films,” the statement from Netflix said.

Customers React to News from Netflix

So far, this new policy is already getting a lot of social media users fired up.

“How do you expect families to handle password sharing in the case of divorcees, their children, or college students away from home? We already pay a lot for it, now you’re just milking us for every dollar spent,” one person said.

Netflix prices have already gone up in the past, which has frustrated users. The standard package is $15.99 and has better video quality and a 1080p resolution and allows for viewing on multiple devices. This is up from $13.99 before.

That’s a lot to pay monthly, especially for those who are also paying for other services like Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Peacock. If you want to get your money worth of streaming services, having just one of these likely isn’t going to feel like enough.

“Netflix will lose a lot of customers if they do this password-sharing crackdown they plan to do,” said another Twitter user.

If you currently share an account and aren’t paying, there’s a way to switch over to your own account. You can transfer your profile to your own account so your viewing history and recommendations are up to date.

In the past, Netflix also tried a two-step verification system that sent a code to the person’s phone or email account that pays for the service.