Netflix Drops Intense Trailer for Bear Grylls’ Survival Movie ‘You Vs. Wild: Out Cold’

by Josh Lanier

Bear Grylls unveiled a new trailer for his new upcoming Netflix special You Vs. Wild: Out Cold Tuesday. The breakdown reads like a typical action movie, but this special comes with a twist.

After his plane crashes in the mountains, Bear Grylls must get must find help for himself and the injured pilot, or else they’ll both die. However, Grylls is suffering from amnesia and will rely on viewers to decide how he gets over the many obstacles in his way. Those include rock walls, caves, and wild creature encounters. But any wrong move could spell disaster. So I hope you’ve been paying attention during his many survival shows.

“You Vs Wild the movie! We are all so excited to have our second You vs Wild film “Out Cold” airing on 14th September on @netflix and yet again, it is INTERACTIVE!” Bear Grylls said on Instagram. “So get ready to make more critical survival decisions to save the day. Ps please don’t get me killed!”

You Vs. Wild: Out Cold is the second interactive special from Bear Grylls and Netflix. He did several interactive episodes of You Vs. Wild in 2019.

“I’ve spent my life showing you how to survive in some of the world’s toughest terrains,” Grylls says in the show’s trailer. “Together, you and I are going to find our way back to civilization.”

This begins a busy few months for Grylls. He recently accounted that his autobiography Never Give Up will be released on October 28. The book is a culmination of 10 years of work, he said. Never Give Up will also include some never-before-heard stories from his days helping celebrities and politicians survive the wilderness on Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls Hosts First Gone Wild Festival

Bear Grylls recently returned home after hosting the first-ever Gold Wild Festival in England over the weekend. He shared some photos from the heavily attended event on Instagram.

“What a weekend! Thank you to all of you that joined us at the first-ever @gonewildfestival! … So many incredible adventures, bands, explorers, and inspirational people. And a special shout out to our team that got onto it so fast when a few of the more adventurous activities got booked out super early,” he captioned his post.

He told Devon Live that more than 6,000 people attended at one point during the weekend. Most reviews were very positive on social media. Though there were some complaints after several events booked up almost instantly, leaving some people out in the cold. But Grylls said despite some “teething issues” the event was a massive success.

“To see almost 6,000 festival-goers here, with so many young people, out there having fun and doing adventurous stuff is incredibly inspiring,” he said afterward.