Netflix Quietly Removes ‘Jeopardy!’ from the Platform, Leaving Fans Furious

by Chris Haney

Seemingly without any warning, fans of Jeopardy! can no longer watch their favorite game show on Netflix as of earlier today. To say Jeopardy! fans aren’t happy about the change would be an understatement considering their reactions on social media.

The streaming platform removed the popular game show after it resided on Netflix for the last three years. Yet on Thursday, July 29, Netflix pulled all Jeopardy! episodes from its streaming library. The move has left game show fans confused and frustrated. Especially since the platform didn’t include the show in its recent list of exiting titles for July 2021.

Netflix added Jeopardy! to its extensive library back in 2018. Originally the streaming service added a collection of episodes titled “Tournament of Champions II.” Ever since, Netflix has continued to refresh its library with new collections of past episodes. According to a PopCulture article, the TV service added a second collection called “College Championship” in November 2018. Additionally, Netflix added a third round of shows with three collections titled “Kids Week,” “Teen Tournament,” and “Teachers Tournament.”

With the death of legendary Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek in November 2020, the syndicated episodes took on a whole new level of importance. Fans flocked to Netflix’s re-runs to revisit Trebek hosting the game show and to fulfill their nostalgic needs.

Considering Trebek hosted Jeopardy! for almost four decades, he and the game show have a fervent fanbase. So it’s no surprise that many fans lashed out online after realizing they couldn’t rewatch old episodes as of Thursday. There are no replacement episodes currently available after Jeopardy! Season 32, Episodes 7135-7354 were removed. And fans took to Twitter in droves to let their opinions over the matter be heard.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React on Twitter to Netflix Removing the Game Show

In the decades since Alex Trebek took over Jeopardy! in 1984, the game show has garnered a legion of followers. Trebek himself became a household name while at the helm of the show. However, fans have not been happy with Netflix today because of their unforeseen removal of the game show.

Numerous Twitter users that love watching Jeopardy! re-runs shared their thoughts about it. One fan said he already misses watching the show on Netflix’s streaming service.

“Why would Netflix remove jeopardy just after I started getting into it,” one user wrote in disappointment.

Another fan said they’ve got an issue with Netflix now since they gave no warning before removing Jeopardy!.

Some fans are truly mad at the streaming service for the unannounced decision to get rid of the game show.

“They took jeopardy off Netflix and i’m livid,” a fan named MiKayla tweeted.

“I watched Jeopardy on Netflix just yesterday and it ain’t there today ..what the hell,” a fan on Twitter wrote.

“I was not emotionally prepared for Netflix to take Jeopardy down,” another fan tweeted.

There seems to be countless individuals disappointed by the removal. But one fan named Dani seems to be even unluckier than the rest of the disappointed Jeopardy! fans. While watching a re-run last night, Netflix removed the game show in the middle of the fan watching an episode.

Hopefully Netflix will refresh the episodes, or the game show will find another streaming home sometime soon. Until then, we still have a couple more upcoming, new episodes with actor LeVar Burton as guest host. In addition, next week CNN journalist David Faber will take over followed by FOX Sports announcer Joe Buck the week after.