Netflix Releasing New High School Football Docuseries Reminiscent of ‘Friday Night Lights’

by Megan Molseed

High school football season is almost here, and one of our favorite streaming services is right on top of that excitement. Netflix has announced a new series entitled “Titletown High” will begin airing on August 27.

The original docuseries features the Valdosta Georgia Wildcats football team. Named the “winningest” high school football team in history, the Georgia high school team has won 24 state championships. The team has also brought home six national championships. In all, the Wildcats have won a total of 932 games. The most in high school football history to date.

“Netflix” Brings Football and Drama to Our Living Rooms

The upcoming Netflix docuseries will explore the Georgia town, also known as “Titletown” to many. The docuseries focuses on the relationships and personalities among the football team, the families, and the community. The series also follows Rush Propst, the controversial head coach of the Wildcats football team.

The series comes from the creator and executive producer Jason Sciavicco who was behind the popular MTV series, “Two-A-Days.”

This reality series followed the lives of the players on the Hoover Alabama High School Buccaneers football team.

Rush Propst, Valdosta’s head football coach during the upcoming series, was head coach of the Hoover High Buccaneer football team during the taping of this series. After coaching the successful Alabama team from 1999 until 2007 and taking the Buccaneers to five state titles, Propst went on to Colquitt County football team’s coaching staff in south Georgia. He led this team to two back-to-back state championships one in 2014 and the other in 2015. Propst was fired from this position in 2018.

The synopsis for the Netflix docuseries notes that Propst joined the Valdosta Wildcats as head coach as they moved up the ranks to the state semifinals. However, the coach was relieved of his duties this spring after accusations of recruiting players, in addition to soliciting money to cover living expenses.

A High School Football Scandal

In response to these allegations, the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) fined the school $7,500. It also ordered the Wildcats to forfeit all victories, even those from the previous season. The football team was also banned from postseason play in 2021.

The GHSA stated that “the evidence is clear that this is not an isolated instance.”

The letter went on to say that Coach Probst and members of the Valdosta Football club have, on other occasions “contacted other student-athletes or their families and provided gifts of money, payment of utilities and housing incentives in an attempt to persuade those student-athletes to transfer to Valdosta High School.”

The eight-episode docuseries premieres on Netflix Friday, August 27.