Netflix Reveals Its 2021 Halloween Lineup

by John Jamison

It’s that time of year again. Spooky season is upon us, and Netflix has finally released its highly anticipated lineup for the fall.

The streaming platform is branding its Halloween offerings “Netflix and Chills” and has a steady stream of new titles coming over the next few months. All of you horror fiends out there will have no shortage of screams to get your blood pumpin’ starting with the release of Netflix’s original series “Into the Night” on September 8.

Shortly thereafter, fans can look forward to “Lucifer” and “Prey,” both coming on the 10th. Next up is “Nightbooks,” a Netflix film set to release on the 15th. And that’s when things get interesting. On September 16th, fans can wish the summer farewell with a binge-worthy lineup of one of the most classic thriller franchises of all time. What better way to celebrate leaving the beach behind for sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes than by watching “Jaws”? Not just the original. Netflix has the full collection. All four movies from 1975 to 1987 will be available for streaming.

The following days will see the releases of “Squid Game,” “Dark Skies,” “Intrusion,” “Midnight Mass,” “The Chestnut Man,” and “No One Gets Out Alive.” And that’s just September

Netflix Has A Stacked Lineup for October Alone

As Halloween creeps ever closer, Netflix has you covered with scarier titles in ever greater numbers. Starting on October 5th, the titles feature a mix of new original content and new seasons of thrilling fan favorites.

The first half of the month will provide “Escape the Undertaker,” “Insidious: Chapter 2,” “Fever Dream,” and “There’s Someone Inside Your House.” And those looking for a little bit of family-friendly Halloween action, look no further than “A Tale Dark & Grimm” and “Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween.”

Now, one of the more anticipated titles among this group is “You.” Season 3 of the hit psychological thriller that follows a charming serial killer as he stalks his victims is set to release on October 15th.

Following that is the release of “Roswell, New Mexico” Season 3 on the 26th, “Hypnotic” on the 26th, and finally, “Incident in a Ghostland” on the big day itself.

On a Less Spooky Note, Survivalist Bear Grylls is Coming Back to the Streaming Platform With a New Movie

That’s right. The “Man vs. Wild” legend is coming back for more survival action with “You Vs. Wild: Out Cold.” He took to Instagram recently to let promote the upcoming Netflix release.

“You Vs Wild the movie! We are all so excited to have our second You vs Wild film “Out Cold” airing on 14th September on @netflix and yet again, it is INTERACTIVE! So get ready to make more critical survival decisions to save the day,” Bear wrote in the caption.