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Netflix to Suspend Service in Russia Amid Ukraine Invasion

by Anna Dunn
In this photo illustration, the logo of Netflix is displayed on a laptop screen and on a smart phone screen in Tehatta, Nadia, West Bengal, India on October 13, 2020. (Photo Illustration by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Netflix is suspending its service in Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. The streaming service is joining the ranks of many companies suspending operations in the country.

What You Need to Know

  • The company announced earlier this week that it would temporairly hault all future projects and acquisitions in Russia.
  • Now, the company has completely suspended their service in Russia
  • Netflix has previously refused to run Russian state backed channels on the service. This is despite a regulation that requires it to do so.
  • Visa, Mastercard, BP, and many other companies have also suspended services in Russia.

Netflix Suspended Service in Russia Over Ukraine after Making Moves Earlier this Week

According to Reuters, a spokesperson for Netflix said the company is suspending the service’s operations in Russia “given the circumstances.”

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” the spokesperson said.

Earlier this week, Netflix said it would halt future acquisitions and projects. Now, they’re taking that move even further.

Netflix has also refused to add state-run propaganda to its Russian service despite a regulation that requires the service to do so.

The streaming giant had four Russian Language TV shows in production. This includes the popular show Zato.

Netflix isn’t the only company in the film industry to take action against Russia. Earlier this week, the Cannes Film festival said it would ban official Russian delegations from its 2022 festival. Russia was previously one of the 190 countries where Netflix is available.

Other Companies Have Also Stood Against Russia

Netflix and the Cannes fest are far from the only companies to cut ties with Russia following its invasion in Ukraine. Just last night, Saturday March 6th, Visa announced it would suspend all services in Russia. Mastercard is now doing the same.

“Effective immediately, Visa will work with its clients and partners within Russia to cease all Visa transactions over the coming days,” Visa said. “Once complete, all transactions initiated with Visa cards issued in Russia will no longer work outside the country and any Visa cards issued by financial institutions outside of Russia will no longer work within the Russian Federation.”

“We regret the impact this will have on our valued colleagues, and on the clients, partners, merchants, and cardholders we serve in Russia,” Visa chairman Al Kelly said. But he noted the company wanted to act in line with it’s “values.”

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis continues to worsen. According to the New York Times, a Russian Force trying to advance on Kyiv fired mortar shells on Sunday at a bridge used by citizen evacuees. It resulted in the death of four people including two children., adding to the growing list of civilian casualties caused by the invasion.