Netflix Western ‘The Power of the Dog’ Is an Early Favorite to Win Best Picture at the Oscars

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Netflix’s newest Western The Power of the Dog has been an early favorite at the Oscars so far. It may win Best Picture at the award ceremony. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. It was directed by Jane Campion. And ever since it came out, the film has gotten rave reviews.

The 94 Academy Awards are set to air at the end of this month, on March 27. Things could change between now and then, of course. But at the present time, it looks like The Power of the Dog might win Best Picture by a landslide.

Oscar nominations were announced at the beginning of February. Right after the nominees were revealed, The Power of the Dog had some good odds. The Western is nominated for a whopping 12 categories in total, and it looks like it’s doing well in many of them. For one, Jane Campion was nominated for Best Director. She’s expected to win that category by a landslide as well.

Currently, The Power of the Dog is battling for the top spot along with Belfast. The director for Belfast was also nominated for Best Director, just like Jane Campion. The two films are miles ahead of the other films in the Best Picture category. DraftKings reports that The Power of the Dog is also up against West Side Story, Dune, and Nightmare Alley, among others.

‘The Power of the Dog’ Western Has Already Won Multiple Awards

Netflix’s Western The Power of the Dog has nothing to worry about if it doesn’t do good at the Oscars (but it probably will). The film has already won multiple awards.

For example, Jane Campion has already won two Best Director awards for the film, at the Critics Choice Awards and at BAFTAs. So even if she doesn’t win Best Director at the Academy Awards, she’s already done well for herself this nomination season.

On top of that, The Power of the Dog has already won two Best Picture awards. Just like the film’s director, the Western took home Best Picture awards at both the Critics Choice Awards and at the BAFTAs.

Sam Elliott Has A Lot To Say About the Netflix Western

Power of the Dog might be doing well with fans, but some people out there really don’t like the film. Take, for example, Sam Elliott. Elliott stars in Western shows and movies all the time. He’s had a lot of opinions on Netflix’s Western, and none of them are good. The 1883 star doesn’t like the director, doesn’t like the filming location, and doesn’t like the content of the movie, either.

His comments have gotten responses from the director, producers, and cast members of the film alike.