New Details Emerge About Gisele Bündchen’s Jiu-Jitsu Instructor After Viral Vacation Pics

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Daniel Vorley/Getty Images)

Gisele Bündchen was recently accompanied on a family trip to Costa Rica with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente. In recent weeks, many have speculated romantic ties between the pair. However, Valente’s joining Gisele and her kids on the trip is because he trains her and Tom Brady‘s kids.

According to TMZ, the homeschooled Benjamin and Vivian have a team travel with them to ensure their education needs are met. There’s a full-time teacher who travels with them, and Valente joins as their physical education coach. It’s also reportedly not the first time the entire collective has made a trip to Costa Rica together.

One source says that Valente met Bündchen after meeting in Miami, where she currently resides with her children. TMZ noted that it seemed odd that Valente was able to leave his business while he’s with Gisele and her entourage.

Romantic links between Gisele and Joaquim are pure speculation at this point. There hasn’t been any photos suggesting they’re more than professional partners. Moreover, Giesle’s sources maintain that the pair isn’t romantically linked. However, one source close to the former couple still believes the timing of the trip is “interesting” as it aligns with their recent divorce.

TMZ pointed to one Dust Magazine photoshoot Gisele and Joaquim did over a year ago, suggesting that the pair had been at least comfortable enough to take part in this up-close jiu-jitsu photo shoot.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s Assets Divided After Divorce

Recently, Tom Brady made news for removing Gisele from his Twitter profile picture. Some suggest that the pictures of her with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente sparked the action. However, Brady was bound to make the profile picture change at some point.

The couple’s divorce may have been messy, but their division of assets went more smoothly because of their “ironclad” prenuptial agreement.

The prenup helped make dividing their $733 million in shared assets an easier task. That sum includes a $26 million property portfolio and also a string of businesses.

Brady, 45, and Bundchen, 42, agreed to this prenup back in 2009, mainly to protect their individual wealth and simplify a potential division of assets. It goes without saying that the prenup definitely served its purpose.

‘They both have their own separate business entities, so the separation of their wealth wasn’t that complicated in the end,” a source told Page Six. “The only other major factor was dividing up their massive property portfolio.”

Apparently, the NFL star, who many estimate is worth around $333 million, gains complete ownership of the $17 million mansion located in Miami’s Indian Creek Island. This area is commonly known as “Billionaire Bunker.”

Brady and Bundchen bought the gorgeous waterfront property in 2020.

Gisele Bündchen is the highest-paid supermodel in the world. She has an estimated $400 million net worth. Gisele kept their vacation home on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. It makes sense why she chose to vacation with her children there.