New Details in Bam Margera’s ‘Jackass 4’ Lawsuit

by Jacklyn Krol
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

New details have emerged about Bam Margera‘s Jackass lawsuit.

While fans were eagerly awaiting the fourth and final film in the Jackass franchise, Jackass Forever, they’ll be missing one main star. Margera was fired from the cast. Meanwhile, Margera claims that he did not deserve to be fired and is suing for wrongful termination. He filed the suit in August 2021 in Los Angeles Superior Court. The defendants include Paramount Pictures, MTV, Jeffrey Tremaine, Philip John “P.J.” Clapp (Johnny Knoxville), Adam H. Spiegel (Spike Jonze), Dickhouse Entertainment, and Gorilla Flicks.

Margera is seeking millions in compensation in an addition to an injunction that would stop Jackass Forever from being released. According to Cinema Blend, who reported legal documents from the case, stated that Margera believes that the franchise caused him to become an addict.

“I did not have any issues with addiction and drug use until I began my involvement…with the Jackass franchise,” the court document stated. “It was not until then that I became dependent on Adderall and pain medications to maintain the focus needed to satisfy the production schedule of Defendants for my various television and motion picture projects and to manage the pain associated with the injuries I suffered performing the stunts in those productions.”

Another Legal Issue

Obviously, the men of the show became famous for their insane antics. Over the years, they have all suffered injuries. Margera holds ill will towards the cast and crew. He called out director Jeff Tremaine on social media. He also told his followers to not support the fourth film. Tremaine ended up having to get a temporary restraining order against Bam Margera.

“I am informed and aware that my fellow castmates have publicly and privately detailed their own challenges with addiction,” Margera added. “I do not share those details here, as that is personal to them, notwithstanding my personal observations and knowledge.”

The ‘Jackass’ Members Respond to Bam Margera

The majority of the cast and crew have remained silent regarding to the lawsuit and Bam Margera. Tremaine only filed the temporary restraining order and was not vocal about his upset former colleague.

Johnny Knoxville addressed Margera and the situation in a positive manner to GQ.

“We want Bam to be happy and healthy and get the help he needs,” Knoxville said. “We tried to push that along. I think that’s all I really want to say about it.” He later added, “I don’t want to get into a public back-and-forth with Bam. I just want him to get better.”

Schube says he contacted Margera, who confirmed production kicked him off the picture. “It hurts my heart,” Margera told Schube, “because I’ve waited 10 years for this.”

Bam Margera is also dealing with another court case. In September, reports surfaced that he is currently in a battle with his wife concerning custody of their son. Margera was stopped by police during an incident in Florida and was sent to rehab again.