New Eddie Van Halen Book Lands on Bestseller List a Year After Singer’s Death

by Chris Haney

It’s been a little over a year since guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen passed away, but his influence is still prominent. A new book on the guitarist just released on Oct. 5 and has already made Amazon’s bestseller list.

The founding member and lead guitarist of Van Halen died on Oct. 6, 2020 after a long battle with throat cancer. Yet his legacy lives on through his band’s music and his contributions to tracks like Michael Jackson’s 1983 mega-hit “Beat It.” Now, a new book based on numerous interviews with the musician is carrying on his legacy as well.

The book titled Eruption: Conversations With Eddie Van Halen is currently No. 8 on Amazon’s list of musician biographies and memoirs. Nirvana and Foo Fighters musician Dave Grohl‘s new book tops the list at No. 1 for now. The Eruption book is co-written by Brad Tolinski and Chris Gill. Tolinski is the former editor-in-chief of Guitar World magazine while Gill used to hold the same position with Guitar Aficionado.

The former guitar magazine editors came together to tell an oral history of Eddie Van Halen’s life and career, largely in his own words. The pair sifted through 50 hours of interviews that featured the guitarist. The co-authors also utilized interviews with his family, friends, and peers in the music industry.

The biography isn’t an officially authorized book by Van Halen or his estate. But Tolinski and Gill did spend time with the guitar god and conducted numerous interviews with him. In fact, the authors visited with Eddie at his iconic 5150 studio and also at his house in Studio City, California.

“The heart of Eruption is drawn from these intimate and wide-ranging talks,” the publisher’s book description reads.

Eddie Van Halen Book Shares Many Previously Untold Stories

According to a Rolling Stone article, Hachette Book Group revealed that the biography includes numerous rare stories about Eddie. The publishing company revealed that the public has never heard many of the anecdotes in the book.

As mentioned, Eruption covers Eddie Van Halen’s younger days through his storied music career. It recalls his youth when emigrating from the Netherlands to America. The book remembers the day he picked up his first guitar after studying classical piano. And of course, Eruption also focuses on his band Van Halen’s meteoric rise to fame in the late ’70s and 1980s.

Further, Van Halen’s new biography will take “an unprecedented dive into Van Halen’s masterpiece 1984.” It would be the last album to feature all four original band members, including singer David Lee Roth. The book also discusses his unique style of guitar playing, which comes along with his classical music background. Eruption “examines his brilliance as an inventor who changed the face of guitar manufacturing.”

As the publisher’s notes read, “Eddie had been hailed as an icon not only to fans of rock music and heavy metal, but to performers across all genres and around the world.” It’s clear Van Halen’s fans miss Eddie, his music, and his unmatched talent.

Hopefully, Eruption can help fill the void that was left with the guitarist’s passing.