New Elvis Presley Biographer Claims to Have Discovered the ‘Real’ Reason Behind His Death

by Madison Miller

Since his sudden death on August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley’s demise has been brought up on several different occasions.

Millions of people gather every year to celebrate what is known as “Elvis Week” at Graceland. A series of events, including a candlelight vigil, help showcase the lasting legacy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Meanwhile, there is a group of people out there that believe Elvis Presley’s death isn’t quite what the media reported. There is a range of concepts, such as Elvis is still walking amongst us and his death was fake, to believing his cause of death was just a little different.

Elvis Presley Health Problems

Elvis Presley died from a heart attack while in his Graceland mansion bathroom. Doctors believe his death was caused by his addiction to prescription barbiturates. However, a new biographer something somewhat different.

According to The Guardian, the biographer Sally Hoedel, who wrote “Elvis: Destined to Die Young,” believes Elvis was actually medicating for a series of congenital illnesses. She believes he was not a drug abuser following a downward rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle at all.

Hoedel writes that Presley’s maternal side of the family was cursed by early death. She noted that Presley’s mother that he adored, Gladys, died at the age of 46. He died at the age of 42. They had a similar downward health pattern.

Hoedel wrote that Elvis Presley allegedly suffered from a disease in nine out of 11 bodily systems. Some of these were present at the time of his birth.

In many ways, the way in which society has treated Elvis is almost god-like. Even after his death, his legacy is that of an unmatchable icon — almost un-human.

“That’s not enough for a man who culturally shifted our universe. It’s not accurate and it’s not enough. Elvis was a sick man who hid a lot of his weakness to fill concert venues and support his family. By examining his flaws and health issues, maybe we can start to see his humanity again,” Hoedel wrote.

Presley Death Controversy

Hoedel believes a lot of what has been written about Elvis is shrouded in “sensationalism.” While that is her personal belief, she is adamant about making Presley’s life into a more “historical” collection.

His doctor, George “Nick” Nichopoulos enabled his problem with drug use. However, there was a reason he was taking the pills, to begin with. Some believe that Elvis turned to medication in order to help stop the pain he was experiencing.

He had millions of adoring fans, which meant he was always the center of attention and carried a weight on his shoulders. At his Graceland mansion, Presley had as many as 10 family members living with him from time to time, as well as members from his band and the Memphis Mafia.

While some people frame Elvis Presley’s death and downfall as a story of rock ‘n’ roll gone wrong, Hoedel believes something far sadder.

“Elvis’s story is looked on as one of destruction, but it is a futile struggle to survive, through poverty and then through health issues. It was hard to be Elvis, no one had done fame like that before, and no one else could do it for him. He was trying to function within his reality.”