The New John Wayne Museum in Fort Worth Texas Is Officially Open: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

by Madison Miller

All fans of “The Duke” should go ahead and start planning a trip to Forth Worth, Texas.

There is a John Wayne museum that opened in the Stockyards called “John Wayne: An American Experience.” The exhibit opened in December of last year, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, received little attention.

John Wayne Museum in Texas

The museum is filled with a collection of artifacts and images all detailing the life and career of John Wayne. From full-scale images to personal items to movie costumes, Wayne is being brought to life in Texas. The official dedication of the museum will be taking place on May 26. It also happens to be his birthday.

As far as the exhibit goes, it takes up more than 10,000 feet. It’s just enough space to represent over 250 movies that Wayne appeared in over the years. However, the museum has cultivated more than just his career in the space. The layout also walks people through his personal life, starting with his early childhood.

From there, fans can go to the “Life on Screen” segment to celebrate his acting credits. As expected, this is where the props and costumes, and images from some of his most iconic films will appear. There is also the “America, Why I Love Her” gallery. It invites those visiting to witness John Wayne’s original poems being read by “The Duke” himself.

According to Paper City Magazine, May 26th will also be named John Wayne Day in Texas. His family will be present in Forth Worth Stockyard to celebrate the amazing achievements of the late actor. A reception is even being held in Stockyard Plaza with live music and other activities. The family is hosting an event at the Hotel Drover that night as well.

Other Commemorative Wayne Location

Fort Worth isn’t the only place that honors John Wayne’s legacy. There is also the John Wayne Birthplace Museum located in Winterset, Iowa. He was born here on May 26, 1907, to Clyde and Mary Brown Morrison. His real name was Marion Robert Morrison. According to the museum’s site, the John Wayne Birthplace Society was established in 1982. It has had over a million visitors. There is his birth home as well as the 6,100-square-foot museum right next to it.

The museum has original movie posters, film wardrobe, letters, customized automobiles, and more.

This serves as the original museum for Wayne, but now the Fort Worth museum will have new artifacts and details for visitors to take a look at.

Something else that is upcoming regarding “The Duke” is his new Duke Tequila. It is a part of the Duke Grand Cru Reserve. It will come from the same barrels that are used to make his current Duke Reserve Bourbon and Rye. However, the tequila is meant to pay homage to his adoration for Mexico throughout his life.

The tequila is not set to release until this summer. The price should be around $64 to $250 and part of the proceeds are going toward the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

As of now, you can also purchase the Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Grand Cru Double Barrel Rye, and the Grand Cru Kentucky Reserve Bourbon.