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New Thriller Featuring ‘Yellowstone’ & ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Stars Hitting Theaters This Spring

by Jennifer Shea
Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Can’t get enough of Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy? You’re in luck. Some familiar faces will soon be appearing in a new thriller due out this spring.

Yellowstone’s Malcolm Beck actor Neal McDonough and Sons of Anarchy’s Filip “Chibs” Telford actor Tommy Flanagan will soon be appearing in Boon. It’s the sequel to the thriller Red Stone, Deadline reports.

Scheduled to hit theaters this spring, Boon follows McDonough as Nick Boon, a mercenary trying to make up for his time as an enforcer for a ruthless syndicate. Boon relocates to a rural stretch of the Pacific Northwest. Once there, he meets a widow (Christiane Seidel) and her son. Boon soon learns that mother and son are living under the shadow of a criminal kingpin (Flanagan) who is squatting on their land. He realizes that their lives are at risk and he must intervene to protect them.

Neal McDonough Co-Wrote New Action-Thriller

The Yellowstone star shares writing credits on the film with director Derek Presley, who lauded his co-writer in a statement and promised a more-developed protagonist since Red Stone.

“Working with Neal to bring this story to life allowed us to create a deeper, more complex character in Nick Boon. Even as the character is trying to reform, he finds the line between right and wrong is not easily defined,” Presley said. “As Boon once protected the guilty, he now must punish them. This natural conflict keeps the tension high. It was also great to lean on Neal for unique casting ideas, such as Pat Monahan, the lead singer of Train, who has been a good friend of his for more than a decade.”

Meanwhile, Yolanda Macias, the chief content officer of Cinedigm, which has acquired the North American rights to Boon, said the film displays “exceptional chemistry on screen as well as behind the camera.” She added that the rapport between McDonough and Presley is clear.

McDonough Was a Hit with Yellowstone Fans  

Voted “Best Villain” in a Reddit poll of Yellowstone fans, McDonough and his fellow Beck brother, Terry Serpico, is unlikely to come back after John and Kayce Dutton (Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes) killed them for kidnapping Tate (Brecken Merrill).

But that doesn’t mean fans don’t want to see them return. In the lead-up to Season 4, Yellowstone fans speculated that any number of actors might have been responsible for the Season 3 finale attacks, and a Malcolm Beck who somehow survived was among those possibilities.

Alas, Yellowstone is not in the habit of bringing characters back from the dead (except Dave Annable’s Lee Dutton, who returned as a hallucination or dream visited upon Kayce in the Season 4 finale). So Yellowstone fans who miss the fearsome Beck brothers will have to catch Boon when it hits theaters. Looks like there should be plenty of action in the new film to provide that adrenaline fix.