NFL: Jimmy Fallon Shares Video Revealing He Made Players Say Weird Words in Interviews

by Atlanta Northcutt

Jimmy Fallon admits he is behind the hysterically weird answers NFL players were casually giving during recent press conferences and interviews.

The announcement of Fallon being the mastermind behind the comedic stunt doesn’t come as a surprise.

On The Tonight Show‘s “Drop It In” segment, Jimmy Fallon had the players secretly add random phrases into their answers, confusing many of the listeners and making for great laughs.

Jimmy Fallon vs. NFL Players

Running back for the Minnesota Vikings’ Dalvin Cook was asked how he felt about being named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Cook’s answer started out well, as he says, “I feel great,” and gave credit to the rest of the team. He explained the importance of going out on the field and working hard. However, his response went downhill at the very end.

“I run yards like Swiss chard. So that’s what it is,” he finished.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Seattle Seahawks’ DK Metcalf was asked, “What is your favorite part about being a receiver.”

“I believe catching the touchdown passes because they are like Pokemon to me,” Metcalf said. “I got to have them all.”

Jimmy Fallon Gives Players New Old-Fashioned Nicknames

Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Allen Robinson and Pittsburgh Steelers’ safety Terrel Edmunds have apparently decided on new nicknames.

“Call me old-fashioned. Literally. I mean it,” says Robinson. “Call me Old-Fashioned. That’s my new nickname.”

“The team right now, they call me old-fashioned,” adds Edmunds. “That’s my new nickname, Old-Fashioned.”

Touchdowns, Not Touch-Ups

Tennessee Titans’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill was asked, “Do you stick with the finger-roll celebration, or do you change it up?”

“You know I think I got to stick with it,” Tannehill responds. “Through the whole process, I learned that’s why you call ’em touchdowns and not touch-ups.”

How to Talk to Your Coach

Los Angeles Rams’ cornerback Jalen Ramsey explains how he speaks with his coach.

“Sometimes you gotta throw the sauce at your boss,” said Jalen.

Travis Kelce Talks Fans

Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has more advice to give when it comes to interacting with the boss.

“There’s not a week that goes by where Coach Reed isn’t going to get on you, man. That’s his job, you know?”, Kelce explains. “Sometimes you just got to be like ‘take it easy, rollercoaster tycoon.’ You know what I mean?”

Jimmy Fallon Gets Gronk to Talk Drizzles

The madness continued as the tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rob Gronkowski, states, “I mean it’s like a saying my mom used to say, ‘it must be maple syrup because butter doesn’t drizzle like that.'”

“What your mom said is a quote I’m not familiar with. Can you elaborate a little more on that?”, says the interviewer, who’s obviously confused.

“Syrup drizzles. You gotta make that play, and a stick of butter is a block. You’ve got to put it in the microwave to melt it, and that just takes too long. You got to make that play right away, baby,” explains Gronkowski. “That’s why I’m like the maple syrup. That’s why she used to always say that because I’m quick with it. I just drizzle all over the place.”

He can’t help but to laugh at the end of his response.