NFL Stars Roast the Effort Level at the Pro Bowl

by Quentin Blount

The 2022 Pro Bowl wasn’t exactly the most competitive game to watch, and that’s putting it lightly. In fact, several NFL stars sounded off on social media about the lack of effort at the game.

Sunday’s Pro Bowl game was much closer to a flag football game than it was to your typical hard-hitting NFL contest. There was no live tackling to the ground during the game, and that didn’t sit well with current and former NFL stars across the league.

If anyone knows what a traditional Pro Bowl game should look like, it’s Arizona Cardinals star defensive end J.J. Watt. Despite having to watch Sunday’s game from afar, Watt has competed in a total of five Pro Bowls during his impressive career. He took to Twitter during the game to roast the level of effort in Sunday’s Pro Bowl, saying that he’s had harder warm-up sessions.

“I’ve seen walk-thrus more intense than this #ProBowl,” Watt tweeted.

Meanwhile, it isn’t just Watt that the Pro Bowl isn’t sitting well with. Former Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver Chad Jonhson (Ochocinco) also chimed in with his thoughts on Twitter.

“They got try a little bit in the Pro Bowl c’mon nah!!” Johnson said.

Seems like other NFL fans on social media agree.

“Put flags on them,” one person said. “It looks like they are playing flag football anyways.”

Another fan left a reply saying, “Nobody tries in the Pro Bowl anymore. It’s a joke.”

And you best believe that the one and only Deion Sanders had some comments to share as well.

“Lord help me. I’m watching the @nfl Pro Bowl and I remember when we were so proud and appreciative of that accolade. We went to Hawaii to prove we were more than worthy so we competed at practice and in the game. I wanted u to know that PRIME was PRIME! What Happened & When?”

NFL Players Having Fun at 2022 Pro Bowl

All-star events like the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl aren’t always the most competitive games. Sure, in the past, players may have felt the need to prove themselves as one of the very best at their respective positions. But in today’s day in age, players are choosing not to overdo it and risk injury to themselves or others. A costly injury in an exhibition game like the Pro Bowl could essentialy cost them millions.

So, at the end of the day, current and former players can be upset about the lack of physicality at the game. But it doesn’t seem like it will be changing anytime soon.

With that said, if you love watching trick plays and seeing the best NFL players having fun, then go ahead and tune into the Pro Bowl. But if you are simply wanting to see the most competitive game you can, the Pro Bowl probably isn’t for you.