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NFL Tweets ‘End Racism’ With Chiefs End Zone Photo and Reactions Are Pouring in

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Jamie Squire / Staff / Getty Images)

The NFL is taking measures to spread awareness about racial issues in the country. However, many on social media have questions about how the league is going about doing it.

Prior to Thursday night’s season opener featuring the Kansas City Chiefs against the Houston Texans, the NFL posted a photo on Twitter of the endzone at Arrowhead Stadium. Written in the grass under the field goal are the words “end racism.”

The NFL tweeted the photo with the same phrase in the caption as well as the hashtag “#ItTakesAllOfUs.”

After posting the photo, thousands of NFL fans weighed in with their reactions. “Imagine boycotting the NFL because they want to end racism,” one user writes.

Another user commenting on the aforementioned response writes: “Imagine football when it was fun to wear your team jersey, tailgate (hotdogs and Beer) and chant and cheered for your favorite team as they came on the field to destroy their opponents…now they are just a bunch of overpaid political figures. Football and politics don’t mix.”

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The Chiefs and Texans Pause for ‘Moment of Unity’ Before NFL Season Opener

Prior to the Chiefs-Texans game, both teams joined together locking arms in protest. They paused for a moment of unity “dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality.”

Despite their efforts to promote unity, a number of fans at the stadium booed during the demonstration. However, the question remains whether the booing was about the “moment of unity” or if it was directed solely at the Texans for refusing to leave the locker room during the playing of the National Anthem.

After the game, Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt spoke out about the booing.

“The moment of unity I personally thought was good,” Watt told NFL Media. “I mean, the booing during that moment was unfortunate. I don’t fully understand that. There was no flag involved. There was nothing involved other than two teams coming together to show unity.”

On the other sideline, Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid also addressed the situation.

“I thought that was kind of a neat deal, both sides coming together for a cause. And the story was told there,” Reid said. “We can all learn from this, and really it’s just to make us all better, even a stronger country than we already are. We have a chance to just be completely unstoppable when all hands join together and that’s a beautiful thing.”