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NFL Week Two: Multiple Teams Remain in Locker Room During National Anthem

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images / Contributor / Getty Images)

For Sunday’s NFL Week Two matchups, a number of teams chose to stay off the field during the National Anthem. The teams that played in the earlier games on Sunday that remained in the locker room include the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins.

A handful of teams chose to take the field during the anthem. The San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions all stood on the sidelines. Among those teams, some players stood while others took a knee or raised a fist.

During the playing of the Black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the Colts lined up across the goal line.

As part of an effort to further spread awareness regarding social issues, the Chicago Bears etched “END RACISM” into the white line under the goal posts at Soldier Field. On the other end zone, the team placed “IT TAKES ALL OF US” in the same spot.

Is the NFL Kneeling Controversy to Blame for the TV Ratings Decline?

Much like in Week Two of the NFL, almost every team demonstrated or had players that protested in some way during the anthem. On Thursday Night Football, the Browns and the Bengals players all stood together. The previous Monday, the Pittsburgh Steelers drew attention by holding a massive “Steelers Against Racism” sign.

Possibly due to the controversy over kneeling, the NFL is seeing a strong impact on TV ratings. In fact, experts estimate that the NFL may be at risk of losing out on billions of dollars because of the ratings decline.

Donald Trump took to Twitter this past week to comment on the ratings. According to the President, many Americans don’t want to tune into the games because of the anthem issue.

“We have plenty of politics to go around without disrespecting our great American Flag or Anthem,” the President writes. “I thought the NFL learned their lesson two years ago. The people will not put up with this (again). Just not worth it, hard to watch!”

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