Nicolas Cage Booted from High-Class Vegas Restaurant for Being ‘Drunk and Rowdy’

by Jonathan Howard

Everyone has had a wild afternoon before. Nicolas Cage was spotted at a Las Vegas restaurant after having some drinks. The incident, unfortunately, ended in the actor being escorted from the establishment. He didn’t quite look himself.

In a black t-shirt and cheetah printed pants, Cage was seen lounging on a couch. His hair looks to be a mess and he has a healthy amount of stubble on his face. Perhaps the most telling part of the entire video, obtained by The Sun is that the actor is barefoot.

A woman, who appears to be a worker at the restaurant, is seen trying to assist Cage. The main part of that help was trying to get his shoes for him. A pair of Under Armor slides were the shoe of choice for the National Treasure star. He was described as “drunk and rowdy.”

The incident occurred over a week ago at Lawry’s Prime Rib, located near the Vegas strip. The biggest piece of irony is the fact that Cage won an Oscar for his role in Leaving Las Vegas. His character, Ben Sanderson, was an alcoholic living on the Vegas strip.

In the video, Nicolas Cage is escorted through the restaurant. He is clearly having a hard time standing and walking as they lead him from his seat to the front of the building. Then, he is seen trying to walk back into the building. However, two workers blocked Cage from the door.

Nicolas Cage In New Western Movie

While Cage is not doing great on the Vegas strip, he does have a new movie coming out. While he has had a long and illustrious career on screen, the actor doesn’t see himself stopping. So for those that love themselves some Nick Cage, you have more on the way.

“To do what I do in cinema has been like a guardian angel for me, and I need it. I’m healthier when I’m working, I need a positive place to express my life experience, and filmmaking has given me that. So I’m never going to retire. Where are we now, 117 movies?”

Prisoners of the Ghostland is Cage’s first Western movie. Now, this isn’t a regular Western movie. Not only does it have a Japanese director, Sion Sono, but it was also filmed in Japan. So, when Cage says this could be his “wildest” movie ever, we’re inclined to believe him. Currently, the movie is listed as action/horror/thriller by IMDb.

The synopsis leaves quite an impression: “In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber gets sprung from jail by a wealthy warlord whose adopted granddaughter has gone missing.”

While we haven’t seen the movie, we think this is likely worth seeing. Cage is known for being in strange films and this could be the wildest one ever, just like the actor said.