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Nicolas Cage Compares His Hollywood Comeback to Classic Ali vs. Frazier Fights

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Throughout Nicolas Cage’s career, the actor has drawn grand praise… however, he has had his low points throughout as well.

Whether he is starring in Raising Arizona, National Treasure, or one of the three dozen films he was in, most going straight to video, he has stayed true to himself. When the studios stopped calling, he didn’t chase. Now, it seems that his career is having a resurgence. Thanks, in part to roles like he had in Pig. There seems to be some momentum going his way.

His latest project is going to be one that tests the actor’s abilities fully. The film, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is one unlike any other before. Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage. In a “heightened” form of himself in real life, the character is an actor that has been struggling for work. So, he takes an opportunity to make some money and try to get back on his feet.

He accepts $1 million to go to a super fan’s birthday party and that’s when things go haywire. However, there’s another aspect to the film, Nicky Cage, the alter ego of Nicolas. Causing problems for Nicolas along the way. For the real-life Nic Cage, the ebbs and flows of his career are what make it interesting.

“I was very trepidatious to do it because I’m playing two heightened versions of myself,” Cage said to the Los Angeles Times. “But then I realized, everything that’s happened to me led up to this movie, whether I was hot or cold, up or down … there’s an arc to the story. Not that I’m comparing myself to Muhammad Ali, but I like it that he lost to Joe Frazier and then went back, fought him again and won. That gives it a pathos and a dramatic arc.”

Nicolas Cage Sings Elvis, Says He Was an ‘Opera Singer’

One thing about Nicolas Cage that some folks don’t get, he’s weird. When it comes to artists, fans like a little weird. They can be sporadic, deep and thoughtful, or impulsive and bright. Cage is a bit on the impulsive side. During the same interview with the LA Times, he burst into song on a few occasions. One of the songs he was singing? Elvis Presley’s version of Always On My Mind.

For a time, Cage was married to Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie. Only for a brief time, but he does have a connection to the family.

As he was about to launch into another rendition of the song, Cage stopped and said, “It’s clear to me that Elvis was an opera singer.” Then, he started in on another round and says, “I like to sing. It helps me relax.”

Nicolas Cage has brought us some great performances throughout the years. As he gets a bit of a renewed fire in his career, it seems that he is ready to take on the task. He has a horror movie coming out in the future as well.