Nicolas Cage Cowboys Up To Make First Western Film ‘The Old Way’

by Taylor Cunningham

One of our favorite action and romance stars, Nicolas Cage, is making a jump to the western genre. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage will be starring in the upcoming movie, This Old Way.

Cage will play a vengeful gunslinger named Colton Briggs in the Toronto-bound flick. The plot will follow Colton as he hunts down a gang of outlaws who murders his wife in cold blood. Colton had retired his sidearm and started running the local general store after setting down with a family. But when he finds his wife dead, he heads out to seek justice with his 12-year-old daughter.

Nicolas Cage has played in just about every type of movie throughout his 43 years in Hollywood. But The Old Way will surprisingly be his first time starring in a Western. “Being born and raised in the West, this is another good match and long overdue,” he told Hollywood Reporter. “I’m excited and compelled by the complex characters of both Briggs and Miller, and to find new ground to play at 57 is indeed galvanizing.”

Nicolas Cage will also play a man named Miller in another Western-themed flick called Butcher’s Crossing. In that film, he’ll play an Ivy League drop-out who joins a team of buffalo hunters on the Colorado frontier. The movie, which is in pre-production, is based on a John Williams novel.

Director Brett Donowho said that it’s an honor to work with Cage “on the first Western of his illustrious career.”

“Cage not only epitomized the character of Briggs, but he is also the consummate professional a director only dreams of working with to bring this enigmatic character to life,” he continued.

Nicolas Cage’s New Movie ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ is Set to Premiere This Month

Unfortunately, It will be a while before you can watch Nicolas cage duel some outlaws in This Old Way. But his newest movie, Prisoners of Ghostland, is dropping next Friday (September 17th). And everyone should be intrigued because Cage says the neo-noir action flick is the “wildest movie” he’s ever made. 

In the movie, Cage stars alongside Atomic Blonde’s Sofia Boutella. He plays a “notorious criminal” tasked with finding the governor’s granddaughter Bernice (Boutella), who is lost within a supernatural netherworld. In order to escape, he must find a way to break a curse that controls the “Ghostland.” Cage’s character, Hero, heads off to the supernatural universe with armloads of guns and explosives and only has five days to find Bernice.

The bizarre thriller debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and earned a “fresh” rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. And according to the website Critic’s Consensus, “Prisoners of the Ghostland is far from Sono’s most distinctive work, but viewers in the mood for a deliriously gonzo genre mash-up featuring an explosive performance from Nicolas Cage just might have a ball.”