Nicolas Cage is ‘Not Going to Watch’ His Next Movie: Here’s Why

by John Jamison

He’s played the lead in a blockbusting action-adventure franchise. He’s been an off-the-wall terrorist in a John Woo movie that saw him swap faces with John Travolta. And he won an Oscar for his portrayal of an alcoholic writer in “Leaving Las Vegas.” But what if we told you that in his upcoming film, Nicolas Cage plays all of those characters and more? And you haven’t even heard the half of it.

That’s right. In “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” the iconic actor will play a version of himself taken captive by a drug lord. The kingpin, played by Pedro Pascal, has lured Cage in by offering him a large sum to be a guest at his party. Trouble ensues, and the journey unfolds as the chameleon of an actor slips in and out of his most recognizable characters.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, the movie is set to hit theaters in early to mid-2022, and as exciting a prospect as it is, Nicolas Cage won’t be among the attendees. He won’t even be watching it on premiere night. Why? The actor explained in a recent interview with Vulture.

“I’m told that it’s a good movie and that it’s a lot of fun and people are going to enjoy the ride. But I’m not going to see it. I can tell you right now that for me, playing a surrealist version of my contemporary self, battling it out with a surrealist version of my younger self, just sounds like psychological sensory overload,” Cage said.

Nicolas Cage Thinks Watching His Performance Would be Overwhelming

It’s obviously hard to know exactly how “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” will play out. But it certainly sounds reminiscent of what “Tropic Thunder” did with Ben Stiller.

Stiller played a famous — albeit fictional — actor, taken captive by a drug ring in Vietnam. There they made him take the stage nightly to perform plays in the costume of one of his iconic characters.

But where “Tropic Thunder” used that idea as a funny device within a larger comedy plot, writer/director Tom Gormican has seemingly taken it to the extreme with “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.” And while any meta-movie worth its salt relies on a degree of humor, there’s no telling yet what the true genre of the film might be.

Nonetheless, the film’s own star is afraid to see it. Not because he thinks it will be bad or horrifying in some way. But because the thought of watching himself play the characters of his past at his present age could prove haunting.

“I’m glad I did it and it’s there for people to do what they want with it. I will go to the premiere. But I won’t be sitting in the theater,” Nicolas Cage continued in the interview.

And hey, no judgment here. But we would already have our tickets if that was possible. Is that possible?