Nicolas Cage Owned a Collection of Wild Animals: Meet All of Them

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

There’s no doubt that that actor Nicolas Cage operates on a pretty eccentric level. The actor has long been known for his quirky nuances…including his wildly unique collection of wild animals. From one-of-a-kind snakes to crows, and even an octopus, Nicolas Cage has owned quite the menagerie of wild animals over the years.

We’ve all heard the stories, tales of Nicolas Cage’s eccentric spending sprees. News of Cage splurging millions on items such as a 67-million-year-old dinosaur head or the very first printed Superman comic printed. Whatever these sprees may have bought Cage over the years, one eccentric splurge has been a regular one for the longtime actor – rare wild animals.

Here’s a look at Nic Cage’s unique collection of pets…past and present:

Cage’s Hooginn the Talking Crow Is No Ordinary Animal

Nic Cage’s crow, Hoogin, is a chatterbox, apparently. Nic Cage tells the LA Times that his feathered friend likes to call the actor names. Yes, you read that right. According to Cage, when he leaves a room, Hoogin will say “‘Bye and then go, ‘Ass.’”

Nicolas Cage Once Owned an Octopus While Living In A Hollywood Apartment

Early in. his career, the National Treasure star kept a pet octopus in an aquarium at his Hollywood apartment. The two seemed to get along well, at first. Well, until Cage wanted to pry the marine mollusk away from its hiding spot behind a rock to show the octopus off to the company. However, the octopus wasn’t so pleased with the idea and it squirted ink onto the actor’s hand.

“What a pity,” Cage jokes of the incident “Just when we were beginning to get along.”

Cage Had An Interesting Connection With King Cobras Moby and Sheba

Nicolas Cage once told David Letterman all about his two king cobras, a female named Sheba, and an albino male cobra named Moby. According to Cage, the dangerous duo was kept behind “two computer locked doors [with] bullet-proof glass.”

“I like to go in there in my red leather chair and drink wine and watch them as they watch me,” the actor says. Cage adds that if Sheba or Moby ever bit him, he would only have about 15 minutes to live without the antidote. Which, thankfully, the actor kept nearby. Cage adds that the cobras, who have since been donated to a zoo, would try to hypnotize him, preparing to lunge. That’s when Cage says he would say to his unusual pets “‘Goodnight kids.'” Cage then said he would “go upstairs and lie down and think about what just happened.’”

Harvey, the Two-Headed Snake

Harvey, the two-headed snake caught the attention of Cage who was initially intrigued by the idea of a two-headed eagle. Cage got Harvey instead. And, notes one herpetologist who works at the zoo who eventually inherited Harvey, this snake was quite the specimen.

“Both heads were fully functional and capable of swallowing,” notes Robert Mendyk, curator of herpetology at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo.

“We had to take turns feeding each head,” the expert explains. Mendyk also notes that zoo officials would “place a rubber spatula between the heads to prevent one head from fighting over the other head’s food.