Nicolas Cage Spent $150 Million Fortune on Dinosaur Skull, Pygmy Heads and 2 European Castles

by Clayton Edwards

Nicolas Cage might be the most interesting man in Hollywood today. His acting style and the roles he takes set him apart from the pack. At the same time, his eccentric actions off-set have made him the center of much gossip. One thing about Cage that has become almost legendary is his exuberant spending. It seems like he really took it to heart when King of the Hill‘s Boomhauer said, “Yeah, dang ol’ money’s like the wind, man, you only feel it when it’s movin’.”

Nicolas Cage certainly knows how to make his money move. In the recent past, the Hollywood star built an impressive real estate portfolio. Also, Cage has added a wealth of rare items to his vast collection of curiosities.

Nicolas Cage’s Castles

Nicolas Cage once owned two European castles, according to a CNBC report. When he bought the castles, Cage was spending hours a day meditating and reading books on philosophy. This led to a hunt for the literal Holy Grail. He would read about the Grail being in one place or another, so he would travel there. That led him to buy properties associated with the mythology of the Holy Grail.

Unsurprisingly, his quest for the Holy Grail took Nicolas Cage to Europe. There, he spent almost $13 million on real estate. The eccentric actor purchased Neidstein Castle in Germany as well as Midford Castle in the United Kingdom. However, he never found the Grail.

To Nicolas Cage, buying the properties was like building a library. On this, he said, “You read a book, and in it there’s a reference to another book, and then you buy that book, and then you attach the references. For me, it was all about where was the Grail? Was it here? Was it there?”

Cage Buys a Dinosaur Skull

If you have millions of dollars, why not buy a rad dinosaur skull? That was probably what went through Nicolas Cage’s mind when he decided to purchase a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull from an auction in Manhattan. The Tyrannosaurus Bataar is a slightly smaller cousin to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. So, it was a large, sharp-toothed skull. It probably looked great on display. He dropped $276,000 on the skull. However, he didn’t get to keep it.

Even though the skull came from a fully-legit auction. Its origins were dubious. In fact, the skull was illegally imported from Mongolia. When contacted about it, Nicolas Cage surrendered the dinosaur skull to authorities. The worst part about it for the actor was that he took a quarter of a million-dollar loss. He never got a dime back on the reclaimed dinosaur skull. About this, he simply said, “That stunk.” Talk about an understatement.

Nicolas Cage Talks About His Spending

Nicolas Cage opened up about his legendary spending habits in an interview with The New York Times. During the interview, he said that it was the real estate that hurt him financially. However, the press likes to talk about his other, more eccentric, purchases.

When asked about his exuberant spending, he said, “You have good investments and bad investments. The good investments came from personal interest and my honest enjoyment of the history.” He then points to an example of a great investment. He bought a copy of Action Comics #1 for $150,000. That comic is significant because it features the first appearance of Superman.

The comic was stolen. Then Nicolas Cage got it back and sold it for $2 million. Now, that’s a good investment.

However, the press, he said, was more interested in showcasing things that he saw as frivolous purchases. For example the shrunken pygmy heads in his collection. He has also owned a few pets that caused quite a stir. For awhile Nicolas Cage owned two albino king cobras. Cage also bought an octopus which he referenced in the interview. “What is an octopus, $80? You’re not going to go into dire straits buying an octopus,” he commented.

Currently, Nicolas Cage has a net worth of around $25 million dollars. He continues to work steadily, starring in several films annually. He may have had a few bad investments over the years but Cage retains his status as a national treasure.