Nicolas Cage Starred as a Vampire Early in His Career

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

Do you love Nicolas Cage and vampires? The Nicolas Cage we all know and love starred in a Vampire Comedy that you probably forgot about.

Here is the trailer to help jog your memory of “Vampires Kiss.”

He was first seen as an ordinary guy looking for an extraordinary love. What he thought was a ‘special kiss’ wasn’t what he expected. It started to affect his work, ruined his appetite, spoiled his sleep and people have noticed his changed behavior. The big question is, ‘was the kiss worth it?’

This film is a dark comedy.

His character, Peter Loew is a yuppie publishing executive. Loew is an unreliable narrator by ranting incoherently during sessions with his psychiatrist.

One evening, he was hanging out with a young lady by the name of Jackie. A bat suddenly flew into his apartment and bit him. After this incident, Peter Loew started experiencing significant changes, which convinced him that he was a vampire.

The movie only made $725,131 at the box office. Recently, “Vampires Kiss” has gained a modern-day reputation as a quirky cult classic and is one of the actor’s favorite films to star in.

Other Movies Nicolas Cage Stars in

Nicolas Cage is one of the most successful actors of all time. He is planning to add five more roles to his lengthy filmography next year.

A few popular films he stars in are “National Treasure,” “Outcast,” and “Left Behind.”

National Treasure” is a 2004 film from the Walt Disney Studios. It is the first film in the National Treasure franchise. It got so popular, they decided to create a second movie for it.

Here is the trailer for the original movie.

Gates sets out to find the national treasure with a coded map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, which points to the exact location. However, he is not alone in this journey. Whoever steals the Declaration and decodes it first will find the treasure.

Set to Play Dracula in Upcoming ‘Renfield’ Movie

Nicolas Cage has some experience with playing monsters, especially vampires. He is starring alongside another famous actor, Nicholas Hoult who is playing Renfield, the unhinged henchman.

This story is expected to take place in the present day. In the older version, Renfield thought he was suffering from delusions that forced him to eat live creatures in hopes of gaining immortality. Later on, Renfield finds out that he is under the influence of Count Dracula.

Renfield is said to be produced with Skybound Entertainment’s film team. Cage is represented by WME, Stride Management and his attorney Patrick Knapp at GGSSC.

Be sure to stay in the loop with news on this upcoming movie. It is going to be extraordinary.