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Nicole Kidman Drops Stunning New Outdoors Selfies Celebrating ‘Earth Day’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Ever wonder what Nicole Kidman’s home garden looks like? Check out the stunning photos she shared for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! People all over the world are celebrating nature today. And Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman is no exception. The actress posted photos of herself in her garden, as well as photos of the area around her home. Along with the photos, Kidman wrote, “Loving Mother Earth today & every day. Happy #EarthDay!

Celebrate Earth Day With Nicole Kidman in True I Love Lucy Style

As you all probably know by now, Nicole Kidman is starring in the new biopic about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Being The Ricardos. So, to celebrate Earth Day and Nicole Kidman’s new movie, we’ve compiled a list of activities you can participate in that would make the I Love Lucy stars proud.

Enjoy Your Favorite Chocolate Outside

There are a lot of iconic moments from I Love Lucy, and the chocolate factory scene is definitely one of them. The episode, titled “Job Switching,” first aired on September 15, 1952, and has been referenced in movies and tv shows ever since. During the episode, Ricky and Fred and Lucy and Ethel switch roles for the day. Ricky and Fred stay home and do housework. Meanwhile, Lucy and Ethel get a job at a candy factory so they can earn money to cover their extravagant spending habits. Let’s just say, the job doesn’t work out quite the way they imagined it would, and hilarity ensues.

Unfortunately, it’s already been confirmed that Nicole Kidman won’t be recreating the scene in the new movie. But you can definitely create your own version of the scene (maybe a little less messy) for yourself. Just grab your favorite chocolate, pull up a chair outside, and enjoy. Chocolate plus nature definitely equals one great Earth Day.

Famous chocolate scene from I Love Lucy.

Go For a Hike and Refuel With Your Favorite Supplement

Another legendary scene from I Love Lucy is the Vitameatavegamin commercial. During the episode titled “Lucy Does A Commercial,” Lucy auditions for her part in a Vitameatavegamin commercial. She hilariously recites her lines, “Are you tired, run-down, listless. Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle.” As instructed, Lucy then tastes a spoonful of the product and hilariously has to hide her disgust.

Hopefully, you’ve got a protein shake, vitamin, or another supplement that’s actually healthy and tastes a whole lot better than Lucy’s. So, take some time to go for a hike or take a walk outside today and then refuel with your own version of Vitameatavegamin.

Lucy tries to promote Vitameatavegamin.

Watch a Movie Outdoors With Your Best Friend

One of the foundations of I Love Lucy was friendship. Lucy’s friendship with Ethel was the original #friendgoals. And there’s definitely nothing better than curling up for a nice movie with your best friend. Now that it’s getting warmer, check for drive-in movie theaters. Or set up a movie projector in your own backyard. you can even watch re-runs of I Love Lucy. Maybe Nicole Kidman and her co-stars from Beings the Ricardos are doing the same right now!

Ethel and Lucy in I Love Lucy