Nicole Kidman’s ‘Hardest Critics’ Are Her Daughters

by Taylor Cunningham

Nicole Kidman’s daughters are unimpressed by their mother’s stardom.

Kidman’s new film titled The Ricardos drops on Amazon Prime on December 10th. In the biographical drama, the actress plays Lucille Ball. And her performance has been highly acclaimed. However, 13-year old Sunday and 10-year-old Faith haven’t seen the movie. And they don’t plan on watching any time soon.

“They actually have no interest right now,” the actress told Page Six.

Kidman admitted that she often asks the girls to give The Ricardos a try, but they won’t budge. And she added that Sunday and Faith are definitely her “hardest critics.”

Playing Lucile Ball ‘Really Terrified’ Nicole Kidman

When the Nine Perfect Strangers star initially signed on to play the red-headed icon, she was eager to begin filming. But social media soon lit up with naysayers. Apparently, quite a few I Love Lucy fans thought that Debra Messing would have been a better fit. And all the talk got to Kidman’s head.

Kidman became “really terrified” and wondered, “Oh God, what have I said yes to?”

“I had massive trepidation about a month prior, and [creator Aaron Sorkin] had to get on the phone and send me emails saying, ‘You’ve got this,’” Kidman confessed to Variety.

Nicole Kidman told Page Six that the hardest part of playing Lucile Ball was mimicking her deep voice.

“It was hard,” the Big Little Lies actress said. “It was out of reach, I mean there were times when I was like, ‘I don’t think I’m going to get there, this is going to be like egg on my face.’”

Keith Urban Found His Wife’s Lucille Ball Voice ‘Scary’

When Nicole Kidman was trying to nail the legendary voice of Lucille Ball, she hoped her husband Keith Urban could help.

“Vocally, I started with the Lucy voice, and it was so far out of reach that it was terrifying,” she told the New York Post.

So she asked for Urban’s input since his musical talents gave him a keen ear. But his initial response wasn’t encouraging.

“I was, like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And I’d do it for my husband, who has a great ear, cause he’s a musician, and he’d be, like, ‘Hmmmm.’ Kinda scary.’”

Nicole Kidman’s nerves ended up getting the best of her before filming started. And at one point, she tried to back out of the job. But Aaron Sorkin wouldn’t accept her resignation, saying “You don’t get to say ‘no’ now!’” 

In the end, Nicole Kidman is “really glad that he pushed” her to stay in the film because she nailed the part. And the movie, which also stars Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz, is getting a lot of Oscar buzz. Her role is expected to land Nicole Kidman a Best Actress nomination.

And what’s best is that she enjoyed the experience.

“There’s nothing like making people laugh,” she admitted. “That’s not a normal thing for me, I want more of that!”