Nicole Kidman Reveals Look at Gorgeous Gift She Received for Mother’s Day

by Suzanne Halliburton

Nicole Kidman showed off a large bouquet of red flowers she received Sunday for Mother’s Day. But who sent them was a surprise. And the message accompanying them struck just the right note for this holiday.

The flowers were sent by her daughters’ school, Nicole Kidman said. Here’s what she wrote on Instagram:

“I was sent this from my daughters’ school and it says it all. To all our women out there – to our mums, our grandmothers, our sisters, our daughters, our aunts, our girlfriends – I am so deeply grateful to the women who raise other women, who laugh, and love, and grieve, and befriend, and care, and never, ever, ever give up.
Happy #MothersDay, and particularly to my Mumma xxx”

Nicole Kidman Is Mother to Four Children. She Has Two Daughters With Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman, who is married to country superstar Keith Urban, has four children. She has two children from her marriage with Tom Cruise — Bella and Connor. She and Keith Urban are the parents to daughters Sunday and Faith. Kidman’s children with Cruise are adults. But her little girls with Urban are 12 and 10.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban spent most of their time living in Australia, their home country, since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Although they have several homes in the United States, the family spent time at their Australian farm, where Kidman also was filming a TV series. This allowed her to spend a lot of time with her mother and sister.

Work is starting on her new movie, Being the Ricardos. She plays Lucille Ball, while Javier Bardem is Desi Arnaz. Aaron Sorkin wrote the movie. Amazon Studios is filming the biopic in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, the studio shared photos of Nicole Kidman and Bardem transformed into Lucy and Desi. There is no movie release date, as yet.

Fans Loved the Mother’s Day Message

Fans adored Nicole Kidman and her Mother’s Day post.

One wrote: “I also appreciate women who raise men because that is sometimes a difficult endeavor.”

Another wrote: “I’m watching Practical Magic for the millionth time right now. Happy Mother’s Day.

Still another “what a lovely gesture and to raising strong kids.” And “these are sweet and true words, Happy Mother’s Day.”

And “Wow, so pretty Nicole. Happy Mother’s Day. Sunday and Faith sure are lucky to have you as their mom.”