Nicole Kidman Serves Up Fierce Look in ‘Sunrise’ Pic From Behind Scenes of New Show

by Kati Michelle

Nicole Kidman’s new miniseries, Nine Perfect Strangers, is set to debut on Hulu on August 18th. The series follows Kidman’s character, the sly owner of a wellness retreat and healing center. Her methods are a little bizarre, but so are her clients. With big names joining the cast, like Melissa McCarthy, the series has big expectations to fill. The good news is, the initial reviews all point to success.

The New York Times calls this new David E. Kelley adaptation of a book by Liane Moriarty the perfect “summery, soapy drama.” PEOPLE calls the new series “unmissable.”

Some fans might find it interesting to learn that the series was almost nixed before it even came out due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. It makes sense, then, that Kidman would want to share some exclusive looks of the “project that almost never was” with her fans. The photo she shared includes a stunning view of the sunrise illuminating an elegant Kidman dressed in sandals and flowy garments covered by an olive coat.

Nicole Kidman’s New Accent

Kidman’s co-star, Regina Hall, recently talked to the Wall Street Journal about what it was like working with Kidman. Hall mentioned that Kidman stayed true to her Russian-born character, Masha, throughout the entirety of filming. It wasn’t until finishing the series when Hall actually heard Kidman’s true accent. These were Hall’s exact words when talking about Kidman’s accents:

“It was so funny because I didn’t hear Nicole without an accent until she wrapped, when she finished her last scene, which was a little bit before us. She gave a thank-you speech when she was leaving, and I was like, That’s her! She really stayed in her accent. There were moments where I would look in between [scenes] and see Nicole smile. She has such a warmth about her,” Hall told the outlet.

How She Deals With Mental Health

Back before all of the lockdowns, Kidman talked to the Wall Street Journal about her acting methods. While Kidman is known for her superb method acting skills, it does affect her deeply sometimes and it can be hard to know where to draw the line. This is what she had to say about her experiences: “I haven’t been taught it… [acting] does take a toll on my health, and it takes a toll on my spirit. I’m always trying to dig in. The unfortunate part of it is that the feelings are intense.”

She goes on to talk about balancing tough roles with a family life. She calls her husband and children incredibly supportive and even goes so far as to comment that “[my kids’] ability to understand artistically is very deep already.”