Nicole Kidman Strikes Iconic Lucille Ball Pose in ‘Being The Ricardos’ Poster

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for InStyle)

Actress Nicole Kidman sports curly red hair and a bold red lip in the Amazon Studios latest movie poster reveal. She inhabits Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball is one of old Hollywood’s greatest icons. It can be difficult to portray the “I Love Lucy” star to her full effect, but Nicole Kidman meets the challenge. The dazzling new poster of “Being The Ricardos” showcases the actress in Lucy’s signature glamour. Swipes of ruby red lipstick and blush create a nice contrast against her glowing complexion. Kidman’s eyes are blue, and her lashes are curled. The expression on her face is sweet yet mysterious.

In addition to the movie posters, Amazon Studios released a movie trailer for the film last week. Aaron Sorkin writes and directs the story of the actress’ life both on and off-screen. Kidman’s performance in the trailer alone gives fans a look into the complexities of Lucille Ball’s personal life.

“I care about what works, I care about what’s funny. I care about you,” Kidman says as she inhabits Lucille Ball. These three lines highlight the trailblazing spirit of her character.

While the Oscar-winning actress was excited to be offered the role, she was also frightened by it. Kidman was always a fan of Lucille Ball but did not know much about her personal life before accepting the role. “I didn’t know the woman behind Lucy,” Kidman shared with Variety.

Writer and director Aaron Sorkin is a reason why Kidman took the role. Fans and critics alike are excited to watch her portrayal because of Sorkin’s advice to the star: “It’s a painting, not a photograph.” An impersonation of Lucille Ball is not to be expected. Instead, Nicole Kidman goes beneath the surface.

Nicole Kidman and Method Acting

It is no surprise that Nicole Kidman dives headfirst into her role as the “I Love Lucy” star. The actress is a method actor. Method acting is a technique in which an actor/actress inhabits a role in their personal life. The practice directly connects the artist to their work. Kidman committed to her role on Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers in this same way. Playing a Russian health coach named Masha, the actress stayed in character for the show’s 5-months of filming.

“I wanted a very calm, healing energy to emanate all the time. So I remember going over to people and sort of putting my hand on their heart or holding their hand,” Kidman says to the Television Critics Association Panel. “They would talk to me or use my name Nicole, and I would completely ignore it. I’d only respond to Masha.”

Fans are curious if Kidman takes the same approach with her role as Lucille Ball. If the film’s poster is a reflection of anything, it suggests her commitment to seeing life through Lucille’s blue eyes.