‘Night Court’ Star Marsha Warfield Tributes Markie Post After Costar’s Death: ‘Real, Caring and Kind’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Following the news that Markie Post passed away at the age of 70, Night Court co-star Masha Warfield took to her Facebook account to share a touching tribute to the latest actress. 

As previously reported, Post passed away after battling cancer for nearly four years. She was the second Night Court castmate to pass away in the past month, with Charles Robinson being the first. 

In her social media post, Marsha Warfield reveals out of respect for Post’s family, she didn’t want to say anything publicly until she saw it in the press. She also reveals that she was shocked and devastated by the news.

“Though our recent communications were limited to social media exchanges, I had no idea she was ill,” Warfield explains. But she also admits that she’s not surprised that Post didn’t “let on” about what she was going through. Warfield was sure because Post didn’t want anyone to worry. 

“She has been and will be, described as perky, bubbly, sweet, etc. And she was,” Marsha Warfield proclaims. “But she was also real, caring, and kind. I never heard a cross word from, to, or about her.”

Marsha Warfield Opens Up About How She and Markie Post Bonded on Set

Marsha Warfield also recalls how she and Post bonded over their love of game shows and were on-set playmates.

“She’d call out a word and I’d try to guess the Password. Soon, Harry [Anderson] and John [Larroquette] would join in and we’d have a rousing game going.”

Marsha Warfield then says that the Night Court cast and crew were a family. Although she was adopted late, Marsha never doubted she was family as well. “Markie was a big reason for that. She was our welcome lady. Or whatever you call that person shows up at your door with a pie and smile the first day you move in the neighborhood.”

She also says that she never got the pie, but Markie’s smile was bright enough to make everyone forget pie was a thing. Warfield further notes that Harry Anderson, Charles Robinson, and Markie were all big parts of her life “They were castmates, co-workers, friends, and family. I will miss them and cherish the memories we made and shared.”

“Three of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to know, may they rest together in peace, forever calling out Passwords, cracking jokes, and sharing laughs and smiles,” Warfield writes.

She gave her condolences to all those affected by her former co-stars’ passings, which also includes Harry Anderson, who passed away in 2018. “My deepest heartfelt condolences to all whose lives they touched. And may their families and friends be comforted with the knowledge that there are millions of us.”

“Goodnight, Markie. The Password is… sad,” she adds.