‘Night Court’ Reboot in the Works With Lead Actor Announced

by Clayton Edwards

Night Court was a hit primetime comedy series. The show focused on a night-time criminal court in New York City. At the same time, it was about the relationships between the court’s eclectic bunch of characters. At the head of the court as well as the series was the hilarious Judge Harry T. Stone portrayed by the late Harry Anderson.

Night Court ran for nine seasons between 1984 and 1992. Over the course of those seasons, the show garnered 31 Emmy nominations and seven awards. The show’s witty sense of humor combined with the chemistry between the members of the cast made the show a hit with both critics and audiences alike.

Night Court Will Be Back in Session Soon

Recently, it was announced that a new series will carry the Night Court torch. The new show will fall somewhere between a reboot and sequel. Big Bang Theory alum Melissa Rauch will executive produce as well as star in the new iteration of the courtroom comedy, Deadline reports.

This makes Rauch the third Big Bang Theory leading lady to helm a new project. Kaley Cuoco released her show, The Flight Attendant earlier this year. Also, Mayim Bialik recently announced a reboot of the show that made her a household name in the 90s, Blossom. Night Court is Rauch’s first TV role since the hit nerd-culture sitcom ended.

Rauch is the driving force behind the new Night Court series as well as its star. Originally, she was set to executive produce the project. However, she later decided to take on the lead role. That role will be Judge Abby Stone, an “unapologetic optimist,” and the daughter of the late Judge Harry Stone. She will take over her father’s night shift bench in the NYC courthouse.

Familiar Faces Could Return

At least one familiar face is set to return with the new iteration of Night Court. Dan Larroquette will reprise his role as the lecherous prosecutor and fan-favorite Dan Fielding. At this time, no other cast members have been announced.

Harry Andrews was the beating heart of Night Court, but he passed away in 2018. However, several popular actors from the original series are still alive and have active acting careers.

For instance, Richard Moll who portrayed the big, loveable bailiff Bull Shannon, is still around. He has a role in a horror film called Whispers and Shadows that is currently in post-production, per IMDb.

Markie Post, who played public defender and love interest of Harry Stone, Christine Sullivan, is still working too. Her latest role was in the 2019 TV series Soundtrack.

Also, Charles Robinson, the man behind pragmatic court clerk Mac Robinson is still active. He is involved with several projects that are currently either completed or in post-production.

Whether the new series is a reboot, a sequel, or something in-between, the upcoming iteration of Night Court could be a treat for fans of the original show.