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Noah Cyrus Joins ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott in Guest Appearance on FX Show

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Noah Cyrus joins a star-studded cast over on the popular and horrifying FX show, “American Horror Stories.”

It was announced that the “July” singer was cast in the two-part season finale for the “American Horror Story” anthology spinoff. The finale for the series’ Season 1 aired yesterday, August 18.

Upcoming ‘American Horror Stories’ Role

She appeared alongside others reprising their roles such as Dylan McDermott (also known for his standout role in “Law & Order: Organized Crime”), Jamie Brewer, Paris Jackson, Kaia Gerber, and Sierra McCormick. They are all appearing as their typical “Murder House” characters.

According to Deadline, Noah Cyrus is coupled up with Adam Hagenbuch. Together, they are the eager couple looking to explore the infamous Los Angeles Murder House. This house was first seen during the first season of the popular horror series created by Ryan Murphy.

The whole thing is incredibly meta. The two are playing fans of the “American Horror Story” universe, despite this being an episode of the show itself. There are even references to other characters and actors as well during this two-part finale.

As it turns out, the 21-year-old has a really emotional and touching connection to the series. She shared a message on Instagram when it was announced she had a role in the spinoff. She started the message with “I cant believe i’m looking at my name in this font.”

Noah Cyrus went on to write, “AHS has been my favorite show since i was 12 years old.. i was on tour with my sister and we’d lay in the back of the bus watching Asylum and it pulled me in immediately. On my own i started from season 1 and so on and since then i’ve watched the full series more than any show, any movie, and probably more than any song i’ve ever listened to.. there’s episodes i can recite and say the lines word for word with the characters.”

Noah Cyrus Emotional Connection to Show

Her excitement over the recent role isn’t just because she’s a super fan, either. Noah Cyrus opened up about a dark period of her life from age 13 to 17. She would just stay alone in her room feeling trapped.

“My body dysmorphia and depression was just eating away at my soul. it was so much pain for such a little body. but something about the show gave me comfort. There was something else as painful and f—– up out there as i felt on the inside. this show has been such a huge f—— inspiration to me my music and so much more,” Cyrus also wrote.

As it turns out, the “Young & Sad” singer had the most amazing experience over at the Murder House. She never really considered a gig in acting, that is unless it was “American Horror Story” related. As for the cast she got to work with, Noah Cyrus was surrounded by her talented idols.

“Every single person i worked with on this show on camera and off were so kind and so talented and i’m so grateful to have had this experience to work with them,” Cyrus wrote.