Noah Cyrus Saddles Up in Camo Pants and a Cowboy Hat in Intense New Photos

by Jonathan Howard

Despite what some may not realize, Miley isn’t the only Cyrus woman with serious singing talent. Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding released an EP earlier this year. Noah puts down great vocals and the similarity to her sister is clear. However, the music is unique to her as well. Recently her fashion choices have been rather unique as well.

Over on her Instagram, where she boasts 5.9 million followers, Noah Cyrus posted a couple of pictures. The pictures look like Cyrus is enjoying a night out perhaps, she is sporting a large white cowboy hat. The outfit, at first looks rather bizarre, but it works. Cyrus sports large camo hunting pants and a camo mask to match.

The orange trim of the mask as well as the orange lettering that reads “GET VACCINATED” match perfectly with her bolo tie and nails. Of course, the white crop top and cowboy hat center the camo pattern. The first picture is a bit chaotic with her right arm a blur.

After scrolling to the next picture, the focus is much more clear. The second picture captures Cyrus’ shoes as well. They appear to just be boots of some kind, but it is not clear in the photo. Cyrus, like her sister Miley, has fairly distinct tattoos. The butterfly on her hand as well as her “Bluegrass state of mind” tattoo on her left forearm stands out.

Noah Cyrus: Style Icon

Honestly, looking back at young Billy Ray Cyrus, it makes sense his children are known for their over-the-top fashion statements. While Miley Cyrus gets most of the heat in the media, Noah Cyrus has quite the outfit collection as well. From plain, oversized shirts and pants, to looks like the one above, Noah has put together a number of great fits over the years.

Depending on the occasion, Noah Cyrus might be in sweats and a hoodie, or more traditional fashion on the red carpet. Recently, she upset CMT fans online with a bold outfit choice. Some felt it was ‘distasteful’ for the awards show. Singers and performers have always gone a little far with their fashion decisions. That isn’t changing any time soon. However, the Cyrus sisters might just be the best at pushing the boundaries of many people’s comfort zones.

The singer turned 21 earlier this year. The recent EP with PJ Harding has received early praise after being out for over a month. While none of the songs have had quite the acclaim as July and others, the EP stays true to the sound Noah Cyrus is known for. It is a very raw, broken-down sound, with just a guitar and vocals. The simplicity lets Noah’s voice come out as the star of the music. The softness of her voice is intriguing to say the least, and she clearly has the Cyrus talent gene.

For more of Noah Cyrus and her fashion choices, you can check out her Instagram where she occasionally posts her fits and other picture and videos.